Print Marketing for Skin Care Retail Businesses

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Many entrepreneurs, including skin care retail business owners, are now focusing their marketing efforts online. However, print remains a powerful way to convey a message. Print is a $640 billion industry, with 45 trillion pages printed each year. It greatly overshadows the $47 billion online advertising industry and for some perspective, consider that the auto industry is valued at only $432 billion.

If simply handing out 2,000 printed business cards will yield a 2.5 increase in business, think about what a print marketing campaign can do. While email spam wastes 33 billion kilowatt hours each year, direct mail increased sales for U.S. companies by $702 billion in 2010. Print drives commerce, with direct mail marketing response rates increasing 14 percent since 2004, while email marketing response rates experienced a 57 percent decrease.

A print project begins with discovery that leads to a meaningful design for the target audience. Illumination Consulting provides print design services, beginning with review of a planning questionnaire and design brief completed by the client. To familiarize themselves with your company, its competitors, and its target audience, our experts conduct contextual brand research.

The knowledge obtained during these beginning stages is invaluable during the design process. Business consultants manage design teams and the print design process, allowing clients to focus on daily business operations. We ensure that graphic designs are of the highest quality and make our clients stand out from their competition. A strong branded image is the key to obtaining market share in a crowded sector like skin care.

With a dedicated resource for print design, the process receives the attention it deserves. The skin care retail client benefits by developing its image and improving brand communication, which increase sales and encourage repeat business. With an improved position in the market, the company will experience the success it deserves.

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