Proven Retail Marketing Tactics To Boost Sales

Proven Retail Marketing Tactics To Boost Sales
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Retailers are looking to boost sales, especially now towards the second half of the summer. Traditionally speaking, months such as June and August are slower online commerce months. Many are on vacation, outside, and spending less time online. To help brands out, here are proven retail marketing tactics to boost sales.

These tips are for any type of brand and marketing budget. Some of these tips will apply and some may not. These tactics are intended to stimulate the conversion rates, online sales, and profits. These retail marketing tactics are proven and work well.

Give attention to top customers.

A common mistake retailers make is to not isolate their top customers. In the matter of fact, brands should have multiple categories and get to know their customers better. Who are the top spenders, frequent buyers, and so on. Give more attention to top customers. Treat them in a special way to let them know you value them.

Give freebies to shoppers.

Customers shopping can be rewarded with freebies (free gifts). With a purchase of x you receive a free gift, which is xyz. Everyone loves to get something for free. This is especially true when we purchase something. We really feel rewarded when we receive something extra. Brands that take advantage of this can quickly boost sales.

Give contests and showcase winners.

People love to win something. When a simple purchase enables me to be eligible to win something, that’s great. Consumers love this since it is made easy for them. Brands can hold contests every so on allowing buyers to win something. Those winners can be showcased with the winning products via photos and video.

Give monthly newsletters via email.

HTML newsletters are still one of the most powerful tactics to boost sales. It is the most proven retail marketing tactic. Newsletters can quickly increase sales and directly communicate with customers and potential customers. Most brands email out bi monthly a newsletter to their database(s).

Give sponsor-ships for added visibility.

It does not have to cost much to sponsor something as a brand. Brands that give sponsor-ships can drastically increase their visibility and brand awareness. Brands should look to sponsor opportunities within their industry, localized geography, and causes they support.

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