Retail Marketing Tactics For Online Stores

Retail Marketing Tactics For Online Stores
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Some retailers are still stuck between brick and mortar stores and e-commerce. Advertising campaigns that work for traditional stores do not for e-commerce websites necessary. Therefore, retail marketing tactics for online stores can be very beneficial to retailers.

With recent research from Forrester, statistics show that over 80% of consumers use their smart phones while in a store to go online and research. It is critical to be found online for the products sold. As a brand, retail marketing is a comprehensive approach now.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no other method that compares to the ROI of SEO campaigns in retail markets. Most consumers start their experience online with a search. It just makes sense to then be found in those searches for the specific products. Search Engine Optimization campaigns for retailers deliver the highest return on investment. The downside, it is not a short game. SEO takes time and does not provide immediate results such as paid advertising.

Video Marketing Campaigns

Retail MarketingVideos are such an important aspect of retailing online now. Consumers expect it and even search engines such as Google have made it clear. Videos increase conversion rates of websites and store pages. They support many other marketing tactics such as Social Media. Search giants such as Google also favor them. Chances to end up in the top of search results are now better with videos. Retailers have much to gain from developing and deploying videos in marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are such constant in people’s lives now. Hours a day is spend on social media channels by individuals sharing, reading, searching, and buying. Social media channels are becoming the new sales platforms. Some of them have already integrated stores such as Facebook. Retail marketing tactics for online stores clearly include social media. It is the future of e-commerce.

Retail Blogging

Retail blogging is a great way for a brand to earn trust, gain a following, and increase drastically website traffic. Online stores that are combined with an active and properly optimized blog can drastically increase site traffic, conversion rate, and sales. Blogging gets pages indexed in search engines such as Google by over 400% more. Retail customers expect these days to read and research on brand’s websites and via blog articles.

Publish Customer Reviews

Consumers love reviews. Customer and product reviews are a critical part of the decision making process of most consumers. Retailers that want to increase sales must give their customers incentives to publish reviews. They should be properly published in the store with each product, but also on third party websites specifically created for reviews.

More retail marketing tactics for online stores can be incorporated. For best results, retailers should work with professionals who can review what is working and what is not. Then, a properly plan can be implemented to achieve better results.

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