SEO-Friendly Skin Care Ecommerce Tips

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Google+ share buttonsEcommerce makes life easier for customers by enabling them to purchase skin care products online. Adding ecommerce functionality to a skin care website is not cost-effective unless target audiences know about the site. With advertising and affiliate competition from Amazon and Google, it can be difficult to create a skin care ecommerce site that is noticed in search results. As more consumers begin shopping online, skin care businesses must optimize their ecommerce sites to improve search rankings.

This begins with a website that is engaging, interactive, and easy for visitors to use. An attractive and uncluttered site design, short page load time, and quick and easy route to making purchases increase conversion rate, turning more visitors into customers. Adding interactive elements to the site keeps visitors engaged. Let visitors rate and review products, participate in customer forums, and earn badges for participation.

Ecommerce sites are targets for search engine algorithm updates like Google Panda that focus on content and punish sites heavy on advertising. The commercial intent of an ecommerce site can cost it search impressions. To prevent this from happening, website administrators should avoid using templates for product descriptions, instead providing unique content to describe each product. If this is not possible, product pages should not be indexed and category pages should be filled with content that is both useful and unique.

To get a Web page ranked for a specific keyword, focus page content and images on that keyword. Use the word in the title tag but avoid stuffing it into the description, subheadings, content, and alt tags. Provide visitors with a substantial amount of information and consider adding a blog. Search engines are becoming proficient at reviewing this content and determining that the pages are relevant and legitimate.

Good content increases referrals and is sharable. This requires more than adding Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ share buttons to the site. Audience interaction should be the focus and creating a community of users the goal. Social media is a way to enhance business reputation, encourage word of mouth, and increase customer retention.

Optimizing a skin care ecommerce site for mobile devices taps into the increasing number of online shopping sessions taking place on smart phones and tablet computers. Forbes predicts that 50 percent of all shopping will occur on mobile devices within three years and experts recommend that ecommerce sites move toward mobile optimization. By heeding this advice, an ecommerce-enabled skin care website can make its mark.

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