SEO Trends Responsible For Success In 2017

SEO Trends Responsible For Success In 2017
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be a critical marketing cornerstone. It allows websites to be found in the top of search results. It is one of the key marketing tactics for all types of websites and brands. So what are the SEO trends responsible for success in 2017?

The ever-changing SEO landscape continues to create opportunity for everyone to make adjustments to reach their goals. In 2017, these below SEO trends will continue to be important.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This trend started in 2016 and will continue in 2017. AMPs are open-source protocols that allow pages to load instantly on mobile browsers. Responsive website pages have been deployed over the last couple years to reduce bounce rate and improve user experience. Website pages should by now be responsive to allow for AMP. Responsive design websites are standard now.

Less Black Hat SEO Tricks

Most already know not to use black SEO tactics. It is an easy way to get into trouble or get a client into trouble. In 2017, these SEO tricks will become even less effective. This is mainly due to artificial intelligence (AI). Google’s RankBrain concept launched last year in 2017 has AI integrated into search algorithms with the desire to make search results smarter.

User Base Website Design

In 2017, user experience will continue to dominate SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing have since 2015 been partial to quality driven website design. Websites that are developed with the user in mind, providing a great user experience have seen higher site rankings. To accomplish this, brands should consult experts that can give proper advise.

Relevant Quality Content

Content has been regarded as king for many years. This in some way is still the truth. Without relevant content that is quality driven a website would have difficulty being ranked in search. Relevant quality content is a major part of SEO campaigns. In 2017, content will remain a key part of marketing campaigns in general. Video content is the fastest rising method.

For best chances at success, brands should work with professionals. Expert marketers and agencies can properly create and manage SEO campaigns for clients. SEO is often overwhelming to conduct in-house. Most companies prefer to contract it out to have better chances at success. There are many choices with SEO vendors. Companies should do their due diligence to find the right SEO partner.

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