Change Management Consulting

To successfully compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace, companies need to be agile: able to execute faster, with more flexibility and adaptability. Organizations need to respond quickly to short-term requirements, while also anticipating and accommodating long-term objectives.

To outperform competitors, organizations need to manage change with precision and more predictable results, and at a pace that is faster and more effective. To succeed and remain flexible in today’s business environment, organizations must manage a broad range of development, requirements, and growth.

Working With Change Management

Change management is only valuable because it increases the successful implementation of change. Change management provides a structured approach to enabling the transitions required by an organization’s initiative. Projects with excellent change management met or exceeded objectives 95% of the time, while projects with poor or no change management met or exceeded objectives 15% of the time. Working with change management consultants increases project success rates drastically. Change management is an effective cost avoidance and risk mitigation tool.

Consequences of Poor Managed Change


Budget overruns

Loss of work by project team

Active resistance

Passive resistance

Resources not being made available


Organizational Consequences of Poor Managed Change

Productivity loss

Loss of valued employees

Reduced quality of work





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Change Management Benefits

Hiring and working with change management consultants has many benefits, particularly in terms of improving efficiency, gaining expertise, and reducing downtime. It also provides useful operational audit opportunities, which clients working with consultants benefit from.

Expert advice and skills can help shed light on improvement opportunities and/or next steps.

Bringing in an external consultant can help your organization get through a transition smoothly, effectively, and with fewer problems than relying on your in-house expertise.

Working with a change management consultant means not having to re-invent the wheel. It means not having to develop your own materials, processes, and communication plan, and not needing to re-direct important internal resources away from everyday business.

An organization can respond faster to customer demands

Through change management, companies can react quicker to change and implement necessary requirements to respond to customer demands. Working with consultants enables clients to implement changes improving technology, customer service and client relations. Change management services are utilized as an example to improve ecommerce environments, storefronts, conversion, user experience, and customer satisfaction overall.

Effectiveness and efficiency is improved

Clients who work with change management services can become more effective and improve the efficiency of their operations. Consultants assist clients to find ways to improve efficiency with sales processes, customer relations, product design and development, or fulfillment. Efficiency can be improved in multiple ways, clients with the help of consultants can review and identify ways to improve. Once those improvements are identified, change can be implemented and managed.

Reduced time for implementation of change

Change managed simply reduces amongst other benefits time. A consultant will manage the change being implemented reducing the time of it through experience, existing processes, and ability to execute tasks. Clients benefit from an existing knowledge base when working with a consultant. This eliminates most uncertainty and enables organizations to move swiftly through change implementations.

Reduction of unsuccessful change processes

When clients work with managed change and consulting services, unsuccessful attempts are but eliminated. Consultants manage the changes required and advise clients along the necessary steps. This reduces significantly the margin for errors and failed processes. The advice and guidance received by experienced professionals specifically addressing the requested change, helps companies not guess and waste resources.

Improvement of employee performances

Employees, senior staff, and owners learn much from working with change management consultants. During the working relationship clients speed up their knowledge base and gain experience by working with outside expertise. Skills are introduced into an organization and the organization and its staff learn how to improve across multiple areas and retain these improved performances. These improvements stay with the organization.

Anticipation of change and faster response time

Organizations can strengthen themselves by planning ahead for change. Anticipating requirements and upcoming change by industry, trends, competition, or growth is intelligent management. Change management consulting services are designed to educate clients and shed light to individual objectives and steps to reach them. This allows clients to have faster response time and not be caught of guard by some unexpected detail.

Lowered risk associated with change

To organizations at times avoiding changes due to risk factors such as lack of knowledge and resources is a good strategy. Other times, when an organization wants to implement change and have it managed professionally, they work with consultants. The consultant helps with identifying necessary changes, a plan to improve, and how to best execute. Risks are lowered or eliminated altogether.

Managed costs of change

With all changes costs are involved. Clients need to establish a budget and plan for accomplishing the desired objectives. Changing websites, marketing strategies, sales processes, branding, and ecommerce are some reasons companies will need budgets. Defining and managing these costs can be a challenge for a business. Consultants can help outline all costs involved with a specific change and leave very little room for surprises.

Increased return on investment (ROI)

Hiring a consultant for managing change is of course an added expanse. A fixed cost to gain specific target oriented expertise, which allows an organization to more efficiently define and implement required change(s). The prevention of loss such as bad vendors, wrong assumptions, unexpected circumstances, and/or time itself increases ROI for a business. The management of the change by experienced consultants who bring the required knowledge and skill set furthermore adds value.

Development of best practices

After working with consultants, who have introduced and added insight, knowledge, and professional assistance, a business often develops best practices. The relationship and experience with the consultant leaves opportunity for improved practices. The client walks away with gaining a better understanding of how to accomplish objectives and tools to reach them. 

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