Online Business Consulting

Online businesses require a unique approach and strategy. Through consulting services, help and advice is given to the client to better understand all aspects of the online business, technologies, marketing, and any other requirements. Consultants may research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and help with strategic relationships to aid clients with online operations and growth. Online consultants provide helpful insight to all aspects of Internet business as well as the knowledge and tools to monitor the results and make adjustments when necessary.

Why hire an online business consultant?

Online business consulting services are for individuals, companies or organizations that simply want to create a more effective web presence or have more advanced objectives such as leveraging the Internet to:

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    Increased Sales

    Consultants help organizations and investors harness leads, convert website traffic into sales, deploy e-commerce, and provide change management to improve client’s current numbers.
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    Increased Productivity

    Online consultants can help companies streamline communication processes, develop online tools, intranets, extranets, and aid with technology investments to increase general productivity.
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    Improved Client Satisfaction

    In the digital age, customers increasingly demand more and exercise more due diligence. Consultants advice clients how to deploy technology to meet the demands of today’s customers.
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    Reduce Operational Cost

    Consultants can save clients money by guiding them with their technology investments. Clients benefit from consulting by getting it right the first time around at accurate prices.

Online Business Consulting Benefits

Organizations utilize the help of online business consulting services when certain answers need to be reached with more accuracy. Questions for future investments need to be answered and avoiding mistakes is the objective. Online consultants provide professional services in the following area for example:

Consultants who have extensive experience, with online business infrastructures, strategy, and execution, professionally address online business needs. Across multiple industries, our consultants have started, help manage, and grow businesses with clients. Our online consultants understand, the decisions an organization makes about future investments and the level of those investments is critical in today’s business environment. Speak with an experienced online business consultant to get started.
  • We specifically looked for a firm that had experience in the beauty industry and got lucky. We found Illumination Consulting, which was a perfect fit for our needs. They helped us with our technology needs and marketing campaigns. The design work is most impressive with them. Thank you.

    Crystal Evans
    Voda Cosmetics
  • We needed lots of help with our website, marketing and advertising. We found Illumination Consulting and everything started to change for the better for us with our brand. They really understood, what we needed and were able to help us in all the areas. It is great working with just one company and get so much accomplished.

    Heather Larson
    Mom's Skincare
  • Thanks to Illumination Consulting for all the excellent work and support. We established a brand new beauty brand and company with their help. In less then a year, we created a new brand, e-commerce website, and product line. They really knew our industry well and what is required.

    Tony Vargas
    Tilth Beauty

What is the right website design for my industry and target market?

Consultants assist to identify the best style and design after studying client’s top competitors and target market. Online consultants work with the client to outline architecture, navigation, critical elements of the website, technology, and conversion tools. Advice is given on direction, vendors, and options clients have for custom website design.

What type of e-commerce do I need to meet my business goals?

Clients who need assistance to clarify leased e-commerce solutions vs. open source, and custom e-commerce websites, utilize consultants to help them. Online consultants work with clients to outline pros and cons of e-commerce options available to businesses and organizations. Consultants help choose the proper e-commerce platform and solution to meet the clients objective and ensure growth potential.

What type of software applications and general online technology will be required?

Consultants are a great strategy prior to investing into technology platforms, content management systems (CMS), and software applications. Consultants review client’s goals and objectives, help outline options, cost, and implementation details. This allows investors and established organizations to get a greater return on their technology investment.

What kind of hosting environment is best for this type of operation?

For clients setting up servers and hosting environments can be a complex task. Hosting companies provide solutions, but do not always support or setup the hosting accounts for customers. This is true especially for virtual dedicated server solutions. Emails, domains, and websites have to be setup and configured as well. Consultants assist and can manage these responsibilities for their clients.

What are the best marketing strategies for my online business and website?

Marketing options are vast these days and clients have many options, regardless of startup or more mature enterprises. Consultants assist investors and businesses to analyze and create reports of current situations and marketing status. Marketing professionals are able to go with the client over all marketing options, details, and management of them.

What are some of the costs that will be required for what needs to be done?

Marketing budgets are required for any size and type of organization to successfully grow and be profitably. Clients with the help of marketing consultants can identify the best marketing strategies for their clients. Consultants can assist clients with outlining cost vs. benefits and time line of the return on investment (ROI).  

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