Product Design Consulting

Product design services combine creative and technical expertise and play a critical role in many of clients’ product development projects. Product design services can take a client’s project from concept through industrial design, detail engineering, and prototyping.

Good product design has a highly developed sensitivity to attractive aesthetics and form as well as quality. Product designers ensure that client’s product concepts combine quality of design with the practicality of manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

Effective product design does not end with a consultation or a plan. Product design services ensure success, helping customers in vendor selection and product development. This ensures the product is transitioned to full production smoothly and effectively, both locally and offshore.

What is Product Design?

Product design is the process of creating a new product to be sold by a business or enterprise to its customers. Product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas and get involved with client’s ideas and visions to bring them into reality.

The design process is the transformation of an client’s idea who’s vision sees needs or wants by consumers or the marketplace at large, into a product that satisfies these needs.

The design of a new product consists of the following stages:

Design Brief

Product Design Specifications

Concept Design


Detail Design

Manufacturing and Further Testing


To get started call and speak with an experienced product design professional about your product(s) and the design and development requirements of it.

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Product Design Benefits

Professional product design provides significant benefits to business. Design differentiates a product in a competitive market, enhances the brand, generates customer loyalty and reduces the marketing budget.

Products are designed to bring improvement to the customer. They are created from a commitment and desire to understand customers’ needs and behavior. To improve upon something or altogether re-invent it.

Basically, to enhance the customers overall experience is the desired goal.

In today’s global economies, product design benefits a company when it matches products with local requirements in the global marketplace. Businesses which follow the one size fits all rule, will not be as successful internationally. Organizations have to design products localized because tastes, standards, prices, legislation and cultural differences influence customer choice from country to country.

Enhances the Brand

Working with professional help, clients can enhance a brand from product functionality, innovation, creativity and customer requirement perspectives. A client can integrate and enhance a product with additional assistance of product design services.

Improved Market Position

Expertise through professional product design services can improve a clients market position. Skills previously not accessible are included to execute necessary tasks to improve company position in the market.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Product design consultants work with clients to identify better customer requirements and desires in products. To improve customer loyalty, product design services focus on understanding customer needs better and then incorporating them.

Ability to Create New Products

Fresh perspectives and new insights are some of the benefits product design services can bring clients. An objective view to co-create new products with the client and bring specific skills to the project.

Reduced Time to Market

Products reach market much faster when managed through professional product design services. Consultants work with clients utilizing existing vendor chains to accelerate processes.

Extends the life of mature products

Design consultations can help clients through professional assistance extend an existing products life span. As products reach their maturity, red-designs and new market strategy implementation can extend a mature products life.


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