Conversion Optimization Services

Every improvement in a company’s website’s conversion process dramatically increases the conversion rate without increasing marketing expenses. It also lowers the cost of customer acquisition, increases customer retention rate and increases customer lifetime value. And, it does all that not just for one marketing campaign, but permanently, for every campaign a company runs thereafter.

When companies improve their conversion rate. Not only is the Return On Investment much higher but the customer acquisition cost is much lower on the same campaign cost.

If a company wants to increase their bottom line online, they must first look to improving their conversion rate!

Statistics show 98% of website visitors on average leave without making a purchase or giving their contact information? What if a company’s site conversion increased by another 2% or 3%? That would mean more profits for the company without have to spend more money on marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.

Conversion Explained By Example

Let’s assume your website draws 1000 visitors and generates a total of 10 email and phone leads per month. 10 leads divided by 1000 visitors gives your website a conversion rate of 1%.

If you change nothing on your website, the only way you can generate more leads is to send more visitors to the site.

What if, by making your site more user-friendly and valuable, you improved your website’s conversion rate from 1% to 2%? Now you would receive 20 leads from the same 1000 visitors.

Conversion Optimization Services

Conversion optimization is about getting more customers & repeat sales from the same online reach. In order to accomplish that every step a potential customer takes towards sales needs to be optimized. It starts from users viewing the first communication about your organization and goes up to the stage when they are ready to have sales conversation.

Online Conversion Optimization might target a number of different aspects of your website. Some of the areas that usually require the maximum attention are:

Clear Call-to-Actions via buttons, links and forms.

Concise custom developed landing pages for PPC optimization.

Improved website copy and overall content structure.

Better usage of imagery and graphic elements.

Easy to find contact information.

Enhanced, intuitive website navigation.

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Conversion Optimization Benefits

Increasing time on website pages, reducing the bounce rate and the exit rate, increased page views are all signs of improving conversion. Websites that incorporate storefronts and are ecommerce operations measure success through an increase in store traffic and sales. Business websites measure conversion benefits through an increase in leads.

When a company increases conversion rate from 2% to 4%, they double the sales with a vast amount of other long term benefits. What kind of investment would it take for an organization to double it’s sales. This would not be a small or inexpensive undertaking.

Increased Leads Without an Increase in Traffic

The improvement of conversion works of existing traffic, bringing the ratio up resulting in a higher conversion rate of the website. The services works with existing traffic, increasing a website leads or sales without an increase in traffic.

Increased ROI for SEO and PPC Campaigns

Websites that invest into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) paid advertising, drastically increase the return on investment (ROI) with conversion optimization techniques. Conversion improvements increase ROI for all campaigns.

Lowered Customer Acquisition Cost

Through an improvement of a website’s conversion, the website and organization lower their customer acquisition costs. More leads, sales, and opportunities are generated with less of a budget, lowering the cost.

Increased Customer Retention

Conversion enhancements improve the quality of a website and are improvements guided by website visitors and customers. When customers receive what they prefer to see and require, retention increases for the business and website.

Increased Customer Life Time

As a business reviews frequently it’s website, analyzes, and improves conversion, the life time increases of a customer. Customers are constantly being tailored too, given the desired information, promotions, sales, and so on.

Improved Customer Experience

Increasing the conversion of a website means paying attention to current traffic. When an organization pays attention to customer needs and acts upon it, the experience of customers improves. Conversion optimization improves customer experience on websites.

Permanent Long Term Benefits

All conversion optimization implementations are permanent. The changes and improvements unless changes again stay, which means a business and website receive long term benefits.

Increased Profits Without Spending More Marketing Money

An improvement of conversion immediately increases a companies profits, without spending more marketing or advertising money. Simply put, an organization gets more out of the existing budget allocated for it.

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