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A professionally constructed infographic marketing campaign can be a great asset for a business, whether the goal is gaining website traffic, maximizing SEO results, achieving great branding, or generating social media buzz.

These carefully constructed images are exactly the kind of engaging, valuable content that search engines such as Google are ranking high in results. Infographics draw thousands of natural links from people who are legitimately excited about what an organization has created and want to share it with others.
A successful infographic is an interesting, unique, informative, and/or thought provoking visualization of data which presents facts, concepts, case studies—or just about anything else.

Both popular and effective, Infographics are impact-full, graphical presentation of information that captures viewers attention by infusing visual interest into data that may otherwise be overlooked.

When to Use Infographics

Highlight data sets or statistics

Showcase survey results

Present timelines or flowcharts

Explain ideas, processes or mechanics

Compare impact or success/failure

Provide geographic or demographic context

Well designed infographics can help establish a company as an expert within their field to competitors and customers alike, help with branding, and even build a bigger social media following. The use of Infographics in social media marketing today is based on a few important factors; Infographics are easy to consume, interesting, visually appealing and informative, all of which have long been key components to success in social media marketing.

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Infographics Benefits

Infographics keep people engaged because they tell a story using visual elements that will keep their interest. It provides the viewer with information at a glance. Quality graphics, colors, and shapes can quickly create reactions and experiences in the viewer even before any text is read.

A consumer wants numbers and statistics to back the information, but wants it visually appealing. An infographic gives key takeaways that are friendly to readers.

The majority of people are visual learners, so infographics benefit the viewer and readers who see them.

They, also benefit the organizations who use them in marketing and advertising campaigns to promote brands, services, solutions, and products.

Get Attention

Informational graphics have the ability to capture an audience where words through articles, blog posts, or other publications did not. Certain points are just better made through visual elements.

Support Search Marketing

Infographics work great in results of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In most cases, images are ranked higher than website results and video. There are a critical element of search and social marketing campaigns.

Go Viral

It’s easy to share infographics because they are attractive and can easily be, understood and shared across all social networks. This increases the chances of them going viral. Many infographics are viral magnets and get shared over and over again.

Brand Recognition

With every created infographic that is marketed, branding is significantly improved. Brand awareness spreads quickly when infographics go viral and get shared across all social networks further promoting the brand.


An infographic shows an organizations knowledge of a subject and reveals expertise in a specific subject. This supports an organization to establish themselves as an authority on the subject.


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