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PPC stands for Pay per Click and is basically an enhanced model for paid advertising that can be effectively used on search engines such as Google, but also blogs, websites, and other online networks. One example is social media. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media networks are great opportunities for companies to utilize paid advertising campaigns.

An advertiser bids the amount they are willing to pay per click. The higher the bid, higher is the chances of that ad appearing more in the search engine results. For social media channels, a set budget can be allocated to increase likes, followers, and fan base.

Pay per click search engines and pay per click advertising across social media provides companies the opportunity to better positions on search results pages and increase visibility almost immediately.

Pay per click advertising is an attractive model for advertisers because they only have to pay for actual traffic generated by their ads.

Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, paid advertising or Pay per Click (PPC) brings instant and highly targeted traffic to a company websites. PPC paid advertising campaigns can yield a significantly high return on investment (ROI). Pay per Click also allows a company to be branded along with its offerings.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Account Creations

Campaign Strategy

Keyword Research

Creative Design

Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Content Creation

Bid Setup & Management

Reports & Tracking

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Paid Advertising Benefits

An organization which conducts business online should consider at least a certain budget in paid search. A highly targeted marketing campaign with certain keywords, consistently generating sales with a high ROI. The budget allocated, and for what purposes, must be setup with specific objectives and when the ROI is good, you have the option to confidently scale paid advertising budgets.

Paid advertising has many benefits and can quickly identify key converting search terms to target in organic search optimization efforts, and uncover insights about how people use search for company products and/or services.

Smaller Initial Investment

Much smaller investments are necessary to setup, create, and manage pay per click advertising campaigns. Clients can choose specific keywords and bid on them covering some competitive (higher per click dollar amount), some medium, and some less competitive keyword phrases. They may also stay way completely from competitive phrases, picking less expansive once. This allows to have smaller budget requirements.

Companies Set Own Budgets

Complete control is gained by paid advertising models who use pay per click as management. With search engines or social media networks, businesses can set their own specific budget and cap them not to exceed the allocated funds. This gives organizations much more control on how money is distributed across products, services, and landing pages of website.

Control & Flexibility

With social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, or search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, companies can with full control manage their online paid advertising campaigns. Clients have the ability to instantly pause campaigns, edit them, and optimize them. The amount of control and flexibility, gives clients much freedom.

Control Over Content

The creative content is all controlled by the client. With social media, articles, images, and videos care shared and created by the client. The content is created as a business wants to have their target audience see it. It is shared, timed, and positioned by the administrator of the accounts to meet marketing objectives.

Instant Campaign Results

Through paid search advertising, clients receive instant return on their investment. In many cases, campaigns go live right away. Other times, like with Google’s AdWords program after review (24 hours usually) the campaign is activated. With the fast turnaround, businesses can gain visibility instantly and reap the rewards of the campaign.

Real-time Tracking”

The reporting tools with most Pay Per Click advertising models, tends to be very robust and in real-time. Google, Facebook, and other platforms provide a multitude of reports, analysis, and tools to track and increase results and conversion. Companies have the ability to monitor paid advertising campaigns in a various of ways 24 hours, from anywhere in the world.

Free Exposure

Businesses do not pay for impressions. This means, a business advertising campaigns can be visible, but a company does not get charged unless an individual clicks on the ad. The ad itself, may show many times at no charge like a billboard without the advertiser being billed. Only as clicks are generated by people searching, a company pays for it.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Due to the control tools, setup abilities, and reporting, paid advertising campaigns generate an increased amount of return on investment (ROI). Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, Pay Per Click gives a business a high ROI if managed properly and successfully. A business can active campaigns quickly and start gaining a return.


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