Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The greatest advantage of social media comes from the ability to communicate with potential and existing customers on a regular basis, to build brand awareness and improve customer service. It is a two-way communications channel for public relations.

With over half of the world’s population now on social media and smart phones sharing their likes, it isn’t something to ignore anymore especially as an organization. It’s how people connect, and it’s how they’re sharing what they love with their family and friends.
Social Media Marketing has become a vital strategy in promoting any business.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media optimization is the marketing practice of using social networks and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other online communities to connect with consumers.

Whether an organization wants to build a social media following or create buzz around a new product, service, brand, social media marketing campaigns are a stimulus for growth and create an active community around the brand.

Social Media Advertising

Businesses use social media advertising for several reasons. Paid advertising with social platforms is similar to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and search engines. These paid advertising opportunities with social media channels can be very lucrative for advertisers, if campaigns are structured right, setup correctly, and managed properly.

SMM campaigns help organizations build online communities, gain customers, strengthen brand identity, and become the source of news. Getting ahead with news through social media with announcements and company content.

Purchasing advertisement on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube allows organizations to grow quickly in Likes, followers, and traffic amongst many other benefits. SMM campaigns are a great addition to other forms of online marketing strategies. It supports other forms of marketing such as search engine optimization.

SMM Services

Strategy & Consultation

SMM starts with a consultation and then strategy to meet business objectives and goals.

Customization & Setup

Account design customizations and setup for all major social networks.

Account(s) Optimization

To meet online marketing objectives, accounts are optimized.

Network Management

Social accounts management for optimal results.

Paid Advertisement

Paid social campaign setups and ROI optimization.

Reports & Analysis

Generation of reports and analytics for social media campaigns.

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Social Media Marketing Benefits

Company blogs, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), online video (YouTube, Vimeo), photo sharing (Pinterest, Flickr), review sites (Yelp, Google Places), and podcasts all allow businesses to communicate and share information directly with the target audience and existing customers.

Social Media is fast evolving as one of the most reliable ways to connect and stay informed about the most recent developments in a particular industry. It offers a platform for discussions and information sharing, helping users build their online identity and reputation.

Stronger Brand Awareness

To increase brand awareness, social networks are a great tool to reach different types of audiences. Social channels make it possible to build stronger relationships and interaction with audiences.

Increased Social Exposure

Results oriented content sharing such as informative articles, incentives, promotions, and so on increase drastically a brands social footprint. Audiences share and brands support it via paid advertising.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Ability to stay in front of customers and in frequent communication, improves brand-consumer relationships. This results in an improvement of customer loyalty. Customers follow a brand much easier through social networks and communication is two-way.

Increased Link Popularity

The content, which businesses share across all different platforms via text, images, and video creates especially when shared a massive amounts of links going back to a brands website. This drastically increases link popularity.

Drives Traffic to Website

Content which is shared across networks links back to the website. Those links drive traffic to the website, especially if content is sponsored via paid advertising or goes viral with audience participation and shares.

Supports SEO Efforts

To have an effective search engine optimization campaign and for best results, social networks must be part of the online marketing strategy. It has become a cornerstone for successful SEO results.

Cost-Effective PR

When it comes to public relations, there has not been a better tool than social media. It is an extremely cost effective PR tool enabling the brand and audience to have a two way communications channel.

Customer Market Surveys

Surveys are a perfect way for a businesses to increase knowledge about their target market and customers. Social platforms enable companies to efficiently create, manage, and benefit from market surveys.

Enhanced Customer Service

Communication is the foundation for great customer service. Communication is quickly improved through social networks. It can enhance a companies ability to offer better quality customer service and more frequent communication exchanges.

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