With award winning technology at your fingertips, you now face the challenge of integrating powerful solutions into your business. A skilled, knowledgeable and experienced team can help organizations successfully source and implement the right solutions, maximize the value of investment, and address critical business needs. Experienced website design services and development with HTML5 and responsive design solutions.

Widespread adoption of social and mobile technology is having a profound impact on how companies interact with customers, employees and stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

Our design & development services bring together an integrated technology approach with the right capability and leading applications to help companies strategically manage their technology in support of business goals.

Design & Development Services

Website Design

Custom HTML 5 Design & Development services.

Graphic Design

Quality graphic design services with attention to detail.

Storefronts & Commerce

Online sales solutions with award winning applications.

Small Business Websites

Website solutions for startups and small companies.

Content Management Systems

Top rated website CMS systems customized.

Application Customization

Leading software application customization.

Server Setup & Configuration

Complete server configuration and setup for clients.

We specifically looked for a firm that had experience in the beauty industry and got lucky. We found Illumination Consulting, which was a perfect fit for our needs. They helped us with our technology needs and marketing campaigns. The design work is most impressive with them. Thank you.

Crystal Evans
Voda Cosmetics

Website Design Benefits

With a well designed and developed website, companies operating them benefit in numerous ways and so do website visitors and customers. A quality website with user-friendly navigation benefits Internet visitors and online customers.

On the other hand, leading technology applications, converting storefronts, website pages, and easy CMS systems benefit businesses.

In 2002, total website amounted to 3 million worldwide. In 2012, ten years later, we count around 550 million websites. This growth will continue and increase over the years as technology becomes more mainstream and available.

Benefits of Leading Technology Applications

Everything starts with the foundation of the website. Choosing the right website platform is critical to meeting company online goals. In order to have the website function a certain way, software applications power websites giving them the required functionality. As an investor or business, choosing the best application to be the engine of the website is key to successful growth.

Leading applications such as Magento (ecommerce and storefronts), WordPress (blog and small business), and Joomla (portals and enterprise websites) can add a tremendous amount of benefits to an organization. Everything from marketing tools, conversion optimization tools, database functionality, and much more. These software applications are open source, well supported, and frequently updated by their creators. These technologies deliver benefits to the user 24/7, all year around and worldwide.

Responsive Design & HTML 5 Benefits

Experienced designers create cutting edge responsive design websites. Responsive design is programmed in HTML 5 and is the worldwide status of website design for the next 10 years at least. Organizations who make the change and invest into responsive design websites will reap a multitude of benefits.

Responsive designed websites are fully functioning with computers, smart phones, and iPads or other digital tablets. These HTML 5 websites are responsive as the name suggests, allowing the operator to have exposure and visibility across all 3 platforms. This is especially critical for any ecommerce website.

Website Design Benefits Overview

Manageable by the Client

Applications with CMS systems allowing clients to manage operations and their website.

User Friendly Navigation

Website navigation created with end user in mind to maximize positive user experience.

Leading Software Applications

Powerful technology software applications are customized and deployed.

Visitors Converted to Customers

Conversion tools are created and designed to aid with website goals and sales.

Distinction from Competition

Quality website design services creating customized online solutions and websites.

Scalable Website Architecture

Intelligent website development allowing for scalability, volume and growth.

Reliable Hosting Solution

Configured, completely setup server and hosting solutions for clients.


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