Server Setup & Configuration

Professional hosting services are perfect for businesses looking for more control, flexibility and performance than a leased and shared web hosting options. Server setup configuration solutions for website hosting needs. Private server hosting solutions can be setup, configured, and customized for organizations, which are an economical solution to meet hosting needs.

Organizations who want the benefit of having one solution for all their websites and emails, can get a VPS setup professionally.  One-time setup and organizations can have a scalable solution to add emails, websites, and other Internet media all in one place. Hosting services help organizations define their needs, find the right technology partners, and assist with setup and deployment.

Why Private Solutions

Shared web hosting is fading fast because many hosting companies oversell their servers and stack thousands of customers onto the same web serve. The result is reduced reliability of the server and services.

As an alternative to shared web hosting, Virtual Private Servers, or VPS hosting, is now a popular web hosting choice for many businesses and individuals. Increased VPS performance and functionality adds quickly value to an organization.

Hosting and Server Services

Review and Consultation

Planning and Setup

Configuration & Customization

Application Software Installation

Data Migration

Email Setup

Domain Management

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Hosting Service Benefits

Organizations can benefit from having the correct setup with website hosting solutions, domains, and email accounts. Even though there are many options these days, choosing the right server environment to streamline all communication for an organization can get complex and costly.

Organizations gain a better understanding of differences between vendors, hosting solutions, servers, operating systems, and database requirements.

If the requirements are not clear and assistance is needed, businesses benefit from working with a consultant to assist with the requirements.

Flexibility & Options

With the proper server environment and systems, organizations have the freedom to run the right operating system and applications.


Virtual dedicated server solutions ensure websites to stay up and running, which means customers will always be able to access the sites 24/7.


With the right hosting environment, customers accessing sites will experience faster load times, it will eliminate visitors from becoming impatient and leaving.


It is important to be able to scale hosting resources without any technical glitches or server downtime as a startup or expanding enterprise.

Dedicated Resources

With virtual or dedicated private hosting, organizations have access to more RAM, a faster CPU speed, and more disk space for storage.

More Control

Organizations should have full root access to their hosting environment. It gives an organization unlimited control and access to their websites, emails, and files.


Hosting Clients