Skin Care Business Consultants Tell Business Owners to Slow Down

Skin Care Business Consultants Tell Business Owners to Slow Down
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One of the biggest mistakes new and small business owners make is that they try to cram too much into a single day. Much of the advice they see online tells them to multi task so they can do more and keep their costs low. The problem with this is that when they do too much, they will often make mistakes and overlook things that cost them money down the road. The advice business consulting firms are handing is telling these business owners to be present with tasks and improve productivity, not inhibit it. Simply stated, skin care business consultants tell business owners to slow down.

This may sound contradictory, but it is actually very smart advice. Look at the different scenarios a small business owner faces each day and you can see how this advice will actually pay off and save them money, not cost them money.

Slow Down To Be Present

A great example is someone that decides to answer emails while they are taking a phone call from a client. In theory, this sounds like a great idea, but it can hurt the business several different ways. First, think about the client on the phone that suddenly hears the keyboard tapping away. Do they really think they have your undivided attention or do they suddenly feel secondary and consider taking their business elsewhere? Now consider if a problem arises directly related to this phone call. They will definitely feel as though you were not paying full attention and this is why the mistake happened.

Second, how much attention can you really give to those emails when a client is talking in your ear? Are you really going to be able to digest every word and give it the attention that it desires? What if the email has some minute detail for an upcoming presentation and you missed it because you were breezing through the emails instead of actually reading them carefully. Again, it could cost you business!

Skin Care Consultants Can Help

So, how does a business consultant tie into all of this? A company like Illumination Consulting can come in and evaluate your daily operations and make your time management more efficient. By looking at the daily schedule, we can figure out where time is being misspent and how you can reschedule your day so you are being more productive while seemingly working less.

By taking the time to slow down your day, you will no longer miss small details that can and will cost you business. As a small business owner, every piece of business and every customer are extremely valuable, so retaining these costumers must be a priority. Much like the tortoise and the hair, you will soon realize that slow and steady does indeed win the race.

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