Skin Care Ecommerce and Social Media: The Perfect Combination

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social mediaAn online skin care business faces a challenge that brick-and-mortar companies do not encounter. With only a virtual presence, how does the business make its products more tangible? Social media holds that solution and when combined with a skin care ecommerce site, it enables an online company to flourish. Use these two powerful platforms to take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer.

Many skin care companies begin as virtual businesses, taking advantage of a booming online shopping market. Exponential growth in ecommerce offers opportunities for small companies to earn big bucks. Experts expect online retail sales to hit $200 billion this year in the U.S. alone. Social networking is cementing its value in the marketplace, creating opportunities for online businesses that integrate social media with an ecommerce platform.

Online consumers are joining to create group-buying markets, a trend referred to as social commerce. Customers use social media to express their thoughts and opinions on everything from toilet paper to wrinkle cream. Businesses must embraced social media and use it to create niche communities. By combining a social media presence with ecommerce, a business monetizes its online efforts. Skin care businesses that take their ecommerce social are realizing huge success.

Customer interaction, involvement, and influence determine the online success of any brand. Social media offers different methods of engagement so marketers should research which ones their target audiences are using. Testing the different technologies available will reveal which ones hold the most potential. Once the social commerce strategy is refined, the business can begin using social approaches to increase its online sales. Online business consultants are available for entrepreneurs who struggle with all of this technology.

Ecommerce is constantly evolving and many skin care businesses are already incorporating the social aspect of next-generation ecommerce into their online marketing strategies. Social commerce can be seen throughout the fashion industry, making it a perfect fit for the skin care sector. Customer reviews and ratings, referrals and other user recommendations, online communities, and even augmented reality are effective components of social commerce.

Social commerce relies upon the “6Cs,” which are content, context, connection, community, conversation, and commerce. To make their skin care ecommerce sites more effective, marketers should incorporate each of these. By taking its ecommerce social, a skin care business widens its reach and develops communities of loyal customers that will keep profits flowing into the company year after year.

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