Skin Care Ecommerce Return Policies That Develop Loyalty

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return policyEffective ecommerce involves much more than installing an online shopping cart and order processing system. Service after the sale is also important and that includes developing a convenient product return policy. Many ecommerce retailers hide their return policies on their sites, fill these with confusing language, and do not offer a reasonable timeframe for product returns. By improving its customer return policy, a skin care ecommerce business can rise above the competition.

A clearly worded policy that offers an ample timeframe for returns develops customer loyalty. Buyers have time to ensure that they received the best price available for the items they desired. Skin care treatments are different than many other products because once open, they cannot usually be returned. Therefore, it is important that shoppers find the products that they want because once they try an item, it is theirs.

Many online retailers believe that displaying their return policies in a prominent location will encourage customers to make returns. Hiding this policy will only cause frustration for customers and create more calls and emails to customer service. Make the return policy easy to find by hyperlinking to it from each page of the website. Allow customers to initiate returns without needing company approval and train customer service representatives to handle return-related questions.

A return policy with a very short timeframe can prevent site visitors from making purchases. Though customers may not open products that will be returned, they appreciate having time to decide whether these are truly what they wanted. If a product appears different from how it was advertised on the site, shoppers should have time to return the unopened package for a full refund. Though allowing extra time for returns might seem like it would encourage the practice, many online retailers say it has the opposite effect.

Use returns as customer service opportunities by sending thank you emails that include discounts for future purchases. Ask for feedback about the online shopping and return experiences. In addition, inquire whether the return policy seems fair and whether shoppers would recommend the company to others.

Online retail experts say that an ecommerce return policy is as important as the product being purchased and the price tag it carries. Skin care ecommerce retailers should review their return policies to ensure that these are clearly worded and customer-friendly. A good return policy makes customers comfortable to shop online and purchase products that the skin care retailer offers.

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