Skin Care Link Building with Infographics

Skin Care Link Building with Infographics
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One of the fastest growing methods and tactics by small and larger beauty brands is link building with infographics and images. Skin care brands see quickly spikes in their website traffic when deploying image based marketing campaigns.

The utilization of infographics and images for link building has been increasing in popularity over the last couple years. Even though this approach is more widely used, it is still a highly efficient way to create website traffic and build links.

There are a multitude of methods to get quality links through images such as infographics. Brands have to deploy massive content promotions prior to being able to harness more links and traffic. Brands have to create, publish, and distribute a vast amount of images in forms of infographics, humor, quotes, product ingredients, benefits, etc.

To build successfully more links to a skin care website, infographics for example must be submitted and shared across multiple websites. To increase traffic for skin care websites and build links, infographic directory sites can be used.

Here is a list of directory websites that specialize in infographic publishing and promotion. These are great websites for link building and images. Brands can quickly upload their content and promote it, building links to their website and online store.

Top 10 Infographic Link Building Directory Websites











Skin care brands should ensure to have frequently infographics created to publish and distribute through social media and directory websites such as above. Images are most of the time ranked higher in results than regular text search results. Optimized images such as Infographics can yield a tremendous amount of traffic to a skin care brand’s website.

For beauty brands that do not know how to go about increasing online traffic, creating infographics, and marketing skin care products; can get help through skin care business consulting services. Industry experts can help any size brand and start-up companies with critical tasks. Brands that wish to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls can work with experienced consultants on key objectives.

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