Skin Care Retail Efforts Should Consider Post-Spa Practices

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A spa that features an esthetician is in an excellent position to generate high skin care retail sales due to the vast array of products available. Understanding the product lines offered is the first step to boosting sales. Manufacturers typically offer free support and some even provide free training for proper use of products. Equipped with the relevant knowledge, it will be easier to recommend the right products for at-home treatment.

Learn about the active ingredients in each product and their benefits for different skin types and conditions. Find out whether products have contraindications or other limitations. Use this information to recommend the most appropriate products for each client to use at home. A skin care treatment at a spa will not be effective unless the client follows up by using the correct skin care products at home.

The appropriate time to discuss the at-home skin care regimen is while the skin is being analyzed. The esthetician should explain what is seen in the skin and inquire about skin issues and skin care products currently being used. In most cases, the client is not pleased with the results of these products. Estheticians should emphasize the advantages to following a good skin care routine at home.

By using the appropriate products during spa treatments, estheticians illustrate the results. Questions should be encouraged because getting the answers contributes to correct use. An esthetician has an obligation to educate clients about proper skin care because this creates the best long-term results. By educating and answering questions, this professional enables clients to understand the value of the products being offered, increasing the chance of a sale. The choice is up to the customer but the esthetician can help make it a positive one.

After finishing a skin care treatment, the esthetician should gather the products used and review each one, explaining the benefits and drawbacks. Keeping a record of recommended products enables the professional to quickly and easily fulfill future requests if the client does not make a purchase on the spot. Rather than asking if clients would like to purchase products, estheticians should ask which products clients would like to purchase.

This approach should substantially increase skin care retail sales and enhance the reputation of a skin care professional. Clients will return due to the amazing results achieved long after a treatment is provided. In addition to requesting their favorite treatments, they will purchase refills of the recommended products.

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