Skin Care Retail Focus For 2013

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retail focusEach year, we hear about trends that will revolutionize the skin care industry in the coming months. Though these can be useful guidelines for skin care retail businesses, it is helpful to break things down a bit more. What exactly should these retailers focus on this year in order to be successful? Here are  few tips from our experts who are available to assist with strategizing and rollout.

Consumers are starting to realize that skin care is a lifestyle decision, not a luxury experience. Caring for skin is a component of overall wellness and healthy skin is the result of a variety of good lifestyle habits. Retailers should advertise skin care treatments that complement dietary choices, emotional wellness, and physical activity. By illustrating the role that skin care plays in a healthy lifestyle, they help consumers improve their overall wellbeing.

Equipment-based skin care treatments should be positioned as alternatives to expensive and risky cosmetic surgery. These non-invasive methods can help people look younger and address skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. Retailers that offer both skin care equipment and products become one-stop shops for these treatments.

These efforts require retailers to become highly educated about the ingredients of skin care products and the operation of equipment used to apply them. Education has traditionally been an issue with spa and retail representatives and it is becoming more of a problem. Those charged with selling skin care treatments at a retail level must obtain the training required to increase their knowledge. This will enhance not only their personal success but also the viability of the companies they are representing. Some retailers will choose to specialize because excelling in a niche can make success easier to achieve.

As more consumers focus on natural living, more skin care retailers should embrace this philosophy. Using natural substances to make cleansers, lotions, serums, and other products is an easy way to create trust and loyalty with these customers. Associating products with a natural lifestyle by using wholesome ingredients is an increasingly popular branding technique.

Skin care retail businesses should focus on these factors during the coming year. By positioning skin care as part of a healthy lifestyle, offering equipment-based treatments, increasing their product knowledge, and incorporating natural ingredients into their offerings, retailers will find success in 2013. If they need help along the way, they should turn to the skin care experts at Illumination Consulting.

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