Skin Care SEO Affected by Google Changes

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google changesSearch engine marketing has become even more difficult thanks to recent changes from Google. The online presence of many businesses took a hit due to the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates by the search engine. It has now been revealed that Google is targeting more than just links. Keywords, the heart of skin care SEO, are now in its crosshairs. Marketers should take note and adjust their search optimization strategies accordingly.

Google has rendered easy link acquisition almost impossible. High-quality links must now be earned and the overall value of links has decreased. Google removed links thought to be purchased or forced and now bases link rating on perceived value. This has thrust social media and content marketing into the spotlight for link building. Links from directories and ezines are not as valuable as those from Twitter, Facebook, or an authoritative magazine, journal, or newspaper.

For years, the almighty keyword played a primary role in SEO. However, it is losing its regal status. Though Google is not discounting the keyword, it is keeping valuable keyword-related information close to the vest. As a result, marketers are finding it more difficult to determine which keywords will drive traffic to their websites. This is making it harder to pinpoint the reasons for site visits.

Google keeps keyword reports private for all sites that use Google Analytics for performance tracking. According to one study, approximately 57 percent of websites use this tool. They are now forced to look deeper than raw figures to discover why site traffic is decreasing or increasing. Online marketers must tweak their strategies to assess the effectiveness of Web marketing campaigns. They also need to take a more expansive view when attempting to discover why online traffic peaked or fell.

There are several ways to circumvent this keyword privacy and analyze traffic data. One is to use Google Webmaster Tools that provide statistics regarding ranking, average daily traffic, searching query details, and more. A site search tool can also be used to discover relevant keywords and can be synched with Google.

Site surveys may be the most valuable skin care SEO measurement tools, even more valuable than data provided by Google Analytics. A site survey identifies user intent, providing marketers with details about customers and how to market to them. Even the highly-regarded keyword cannot do these things. By understanding customers, skin care marketers can match keywords to shopper intent without any help from Google.

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