Skin Care SEO Services Extend To Blogs

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A web log, shortened to blog, is an effective way to attract online visitors, drive traffic to a website, and increase customer conversion rate. However, a blog will only be effective when it is correctly optimized. Skin care SEO services offered by Illumination Consulting extend to blogs. There are several ways to promote a blog to online visitors and search engines and increase customer conversions.

Keywords are phrases or words that help search engines categorize the blog and rank the website during search queries. These words and phrases should relate to the products offered, reflecting terms typically entered in a search engine inquiry. New bloggers should select several niche keywords that return fewer than 500,000 Google results. Our free search engine ranking shows where existing blogs rank for selected keywords and we recommend ways to improve the results.

Selection is only half of the story with keywords. The chosen words and phrases should be used in places that make sense within blog posts. They should fit with the content of the post and represent no more than two or three percent of the blog word count. A keyword density checker can be used to keep keyword saturation levels within these limits.

Visitors will only return to a blog with updated content. Recent content also provides additional opportunities for the blog to appear in search engine results lists. For skin care companies, this equates to more chances to make a sale. As search engine spiders crawl the blog posts and find high-quality, updated content, they will rank the site highly. Initially, blogs should be updated daily and once established, updates should occur weekly.

Some blog software includes integrated site feeds. These are representations of the blog that can be displayed on information aggregation tools and other websites. A site feed drives traffic to the blog from other sites and sends traffic from the blog to other sites. Using a site feed to promote a blog creates an ongoing one-way link, increasing Bing and Google PageRank standings. Keywords can be used within site feeds to simultaneously gain keyword references and links, making the blog twice as effective.

Experienced bloggers have mastered these techniques but novices may feel lost. By taking advantage of Illumination Consulting skin care SEO services, skin care company bloggers receive these methods and others designed to optimize their blogs. The blog and associated website will climb the search engine ranks, with profits likely to follow.

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