Small Business Startup Consulting Tip for Online Skin Care Businesses

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getting a business startedThough advertising can bring shoppers into a store, product packaging is often what causes them to purchase one item instead of another. When operating a business online, packaging can be even more valuable. As a small business startup consulting firm, Illumination Consulting has valuable advice to offer regarding product packaging based on experiences with previous online clients. Learn from the successes of other startups to start on the right foot.

Starting a business requires a lot of time, dedication, and determination. Most new entrepreneurs cannot afford to hire staff so they turn to experts for advice and assistance. Consulting firms that cater to startups may focus on certain industries. In the case of Illumination Consulting, it is the skin care industry and over the years, our consulting professionals have helped many startups avoid the pitfalls that cause others to fail.

Online businesses eliminate much of the overhead that brick-and-mortar companies must saddle. However, operating a business online is far from easy. Online companies rely on their websites and advertising to make their businesses stand out from competitors and capture the market share needed to prosper. For an online skin care business, products are the bread and butter and they must be displayed attractively online.

Creating a website with an appealing color scheme, layout, and design is just the first step. Skin care products must jump off the page and cause consumers to make purchases on the spot. If these items are displayed in containers that are generic or do not reveal their aesthetic qualities, valuable consumer dollars will be lost. Even packaging that is attractive may not be enough to sway online shoppers to make purchases.

If a product contains pulp or seeds from natural substances, the container should highlight these. Clear containers are the best choices because they reveal the unique visual qualities of ingredients. Placing a key ingredient next to the container leaves no question about what the product contains. When consumers see different types of berries next to a container of facial scrub that reveals the seeds of these berries, they will fill their online shopping carts.

Creative product packaging is just one of the tips that small business startup consulting firm Illumination Consulting recommends for its online skin care clients. Making packaging more appealing can cause tremendous increases in the length of online user sessions and sales volume. When consumers shop online, they look for high-quality products that are visually appealing.

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