Social Media: Not Always The Best Skin Care Marketing Services

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social mediaMany business consulting firms include social media in their list of skin care marketing services. We hear so much about social media these days that many entrepreneurs consider it the golden ticket to success. While Illumination Consulting offers assistance with social media campaigns, we understand that involvement in every social media platform is not always the answer and in some cases, this approach can backfire.

Solopreneurs with no employees should join only a few social media networks and focus on creating inspiring content that gets people talking. By spreading themselves too thin across all networks, they will find themselves without time and with confused and shrinking audiences due to inconsistent messages. It is better to establish a noteworthy presence on a couple of platforms than an unnoticeable presence on all.

Twitter is an excellent place to start because it offers fast and easy connection with prospects, customers, and industry influencers. A business can interact with other Twitter members who are not followers, sharing their content and tweeting at them. Skin care businesses offer many visually appealing products, making Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram other smart choices for social involvement.

When communicating via social networks, business representatives should be authentic, using words and tone that match the business culture. A skin care company that uses a conversational tone on its website and marketing collateral should do the same on social media. A cohesive “voice” across marketing channels prevents customer confusion and helps to develop a brand. Excessive self-promotion is never recommended because it can turn away both prospects and existing customers.

It may seem like a business can do no wrong on social media but this is not true. Many companies have found themselves in social media crises that threatened continued operations. Quick action is required and steps should be based on an established community management plan. Though turning a blind eye to the conversation may be tempting, business representatives should pay attention to what is being said. This will help them create a well-though and empathetic response.

Speed is key to addressing a brand crisis in the social media world. An initial response that acknowledges the issue provides time to craft a response. The reply should be issued on a social media page that can be controlled in case the conversation gets out of hand. Let a firm that offers skin care marketing services help you turn a negative social media situation into a positive one.

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