Successful Skin Care Product Distribution Through Professional Broker Representation

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We have been here at Illumination Consulting working with skin care companies for many years and we have witnessed an increased challenge for skin care companies to get their product lines on the shelves of localized and national retailers. There is a multitude of reasons for this increasing challenge, but that is another discussion.

What does it take for a skin care company in today’s economy and market structure to successfully open up distribution with retailers?

Professional broker representation is the answer!

Honestly, we have seen our skin care business clients try just about any method to land their products on shelves with national retailers, small stores, and local chains. Hiring a professional broker who has already contacts with distributors who retailers buy from is key to the success of skin care product distribution.

We at Illumination Consulting have over the last several years established strong relationships with professional brokers that represent our skin care clients. We have seen the growth and success of our clients when working with a professional sales team. We advice any skin care start-up company or existing brand to get professional representation through brokers who specialize in the right market. This of course, is only true if there is a desire to have products on shelves with retailers.


we have a single product rather than an entire line of skin care. We are looking for help in distribution for a new beauty product. Product is very popular in Asia and has been introduced in the last few years to Europe and the UK. Please revert if this is something you may be interested in assisting us with.

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