Successfully Marketing Skin Care Products Online With Content Marketing Campaigns

Successfully Marketing Skin Care Products Online With Content Marketing Campaigns
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Content marketing is a phrase that most organizations and businesses have heard over and over again. Many are already performing some types of content marketing and see the benefits. Only in the last couple years with all the major Google search engine updates such as Panda and Penguin, has it become much more critical of a strategy for successfully marketing skin care products online.

In addition, due to the very educated beauty consumers, brands have to create honest, quality driven content, and publish it across a multitude of communication channels. This has to be done in quantity and frequent to stay competitive in the online skin care marketplace. This is also true for retail sales with brick and mortar stores.

When it comes to marketing skin care products online, content marketing is the most cost effective and impact-full method.

What is Content Marketing?

Content-MarketingConsumers skip commercials these days, ignore advertising mostly, surf the Internet without wanting to be bothered by banners and buttons, making them pretty much irrelevant these days. Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective.

Content marketing are marketing techniques of creating, publishing, and distributing relevant, valuable, quality content to attract, acquire, and retain the target audience – width the objective of gaining profitable customer relations.

The purpose of content marketing is to brand and attract potential customers through content in the forms of articles, press releases, images such as Infographics, video and any other form of communication through content.

Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with customers and prospects without the hard sale, giving them constant value. The content is mostly informational, educational, or it can be funny at times.

According the recent research conducted, 80% of business decision makers prefer to get through articles vs. advertisement. 70% said content marketing enables them to get a closer understanding, while 60% said it helps them make better product decisions.

Marketing Skin Care Products Online

Using content marketing is probably the most cost effective and results oriented method of marketing skin care products online. Skin care consumers love to understand their skin products. Consumers learn about formulations, ingredients, natural, organic, and more chemical based product lines by researching online.

Brands must get in front of their target audiences through the creation of quality and relevant content, the publication of that content, and the distribution of it. These are the most common methods of content marketing.

Company Blog and Blog Articles

Every skin care brand must have a company blog that is part of their website. Especially, if the brand operates an e-commerce website and online store. The blog should be setup professionally and match the rest of the website including the online store. Content should be created weekly by a brand and uploaded to the blog.

The blog content of a beauty brand should discuss topics such as trends, formulations, ingredients, skin care, news, and other relevant information to the consumer. Once the content is created and uploaded to the company blog, it should be shared across all major social networks to increase visibility, reach, and readership.

Publish & Distribute Press Releases and Articles

It is not enough just to upload articles and content to a brands blog. A company must also create quality press releases (company announcements and news) and articles for submission and distribution.  This form of content marketing supports greatly link building campaigns, search engine optimization campaigns, and other forms of online marketing.

Creating press releases and additional articles for publishing on other websites that link back to the brands site and online store is a critical component for marketing skin care products online successfully.

Creating and Publishing Infographics

You can see them all over the Internet these days. Infographics are a creative way to illustrate information and statistics through the help of images. Images are indexed and ranked higher by most search engines than their counterpart, text links. Therefore consumers and customers find them with more ease.

Infographics are especially useful with social media and many other sharing networks and channels. They are more eye-catching, easier to share, and with the attention span of people, much more effective.

Video Content and Marketing

Video is the fastest growing segment of content marketing and by 2017; most experts predict that almost 70% of online content will be video. Videos are much more impact-full since they engage the viewer visually and auditory.

A consumer that watches a brands video unlike text or images retains about 65% of the content. While images are at 20% and text is at 10%. This drastic difference is what pushes most brands to create quality, information, and educational videos about ingredients, products, and skin care.

In addition, videos are so easily shared, published, and distributed these days. Many channels such as YouTube, which is the most watch website in the world offer free video services for individuals and brands.

Marketing skin care products online through content with the above-described methods is sure to produce results and a return on investment for skin care brands. Content can be created in-house by brands or it can be contracted out through content marketing services. Any brand deploying professionally managed content marketing strategies will see results in an increase of website traffic and product sales.

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