Take Advantage of the Male Niche of the Skin Care Industry

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metrosexualFor years, men that used skin care products were labeled as “metrosexual” or worse. Today, men of all types are beginning to realize that skin care is an important part of the daily routine. They are taking better care of their skin because they want to look and feel better about themselves. Just how much has this part of the industry grown? Well, in 2012, men spent over $80 million on skin care products.

The skin care industry expects more of the same in 2013. A recent documentary called Mansome supports this belief. The documentary follows a variety of men around throughout their daily routines to show how they create what they believe to be the proper image of a man.

Two participants in the documentary were Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. Both of these young actors are seen participating in a variety of other “spa” treatments that would have been laughed at only a decade ago. Many of the taboos or stereotypes often associated with this type of behavior are quickly falling by the wayside.

Men no longer feel a man needs to be a “tough guy” to be a real man. The so-called “metrosexual” revolution that was scrutinized heavily during its first run now seems to be in full swing. Oddly enough, you are just as likely to see a rugged Cowboy getting a spa treatment as you are the young man that is often referred to as a typical “pretty boy”.

Other services that men are beginning to take advantage of are such things as hair coloring and massages. And yes, even manicures and pedicures are finding their way into the male niche of skin care and well-being. The fact is, men are learning that being pampered simply feels good.

As this second wave of “metrosexual” behavior takes hold, skin care companies are going to reap the benefits and the profits. As more men realize that spa services not only feel good but also are very good for your overall health. After all, what is wrong with protecting your skin and relieving some stress with a deep tissue massage? Do not be surprised if more and more commercials begin to appear advertising skin care products for men that were previously only associated with women. And, do not be too surprised if that tough guy neighbor of yours is sitting next to you the next time you are at the local spa for a mani/pedi!

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