The Simple Path to Ecommerce for Skin Care Companies

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The Simple PathIf it is designed correctly, a skin care website directing Internet users to brick-and-mortar stores can be very effective. However, there is no longer the need to have a physical presence because ecommerce enables consumers to shop on the website. Using ecommerce for skin care product sales online is not a difficult task. If your business already has a website, several design techniques will turn this site into a selling machine.

An ecommerce site should begin highlighting products as soon as visitors reach the URL. Create a dynamic intro page or add product images to the site landing page. Promote package deals, free shipping, and product guarantees from the initial page so visitors know about savings opportunities. Add a top menu bar featuring product categories with drop-down menus displaying the name of each product. Incorporate products into the side menu bar so visitors can reach product pages in two ways.

Shoppers do not always purchase the first item they see so make it easy to navigate between products and product categories. Add buttons to view the shopping cart, continue shopping once a purchase is made, and add or delete items from the cart at any time. Creating a convenient online shopping experience enhances the user-friendliness of the site and increases the chance of repeat visits.

The ideal time to cross-sell other products is when a purchase is made. Once a customer puts an item into the shopping cart, provide suggestions for complementary products. To encourage a sale, offer special deals for purchasing different items. This increases customer awareness of available products and makes it worth their while to shop on your site.

Though customers provide information for marketing lists when they create user accounts, do not force them to create a profile. Allow online shoppers to check out as guests, providing contact information without the worry of payment methods being stored. Keep online shopping secure by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. When customers see the SSL certificate and recognize the publishing company, they will know they are shopping on a reputable website.

Using ecommerce for skin care websites can expand product sales across the globe. Even companies with small budgets can afford ecommerce technology, turning their websites into stores that operate all day, every day. A skin care site with an ecommerce platform makes shopping as convenient as possible for customers. With so many people leading busy lives, this convenience can make all the difference.


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