The Truth About Landing Pages And Why They Are Critical

The Truth About Landing Pages And Why They Are Critical
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The truth is that most website design and development projects do not include landing pages. Website developers and agencies normally do not include any landing page creation, when designing and developing client’s websites.

Often companies market and advertise websites sending most of their efforts directly to their website home page. According to MarketingSherpa, over 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to home pages and not landing pages.

Landing pages are essential to the improvement of a website’s performance and lead generation ability. The truth about landing pages is that most companies do not know how to properly get them setup and created or even marketed. When not properly contracting out marketing services, often a business website remains without landing pages. Professional marketers know how to use landing pages to effectively increase lead generation and conversion rates.

The Truth About Landing Pages

A great landing page targets a specific audience, such as a specific keyword (example: “Responsive Design Websites”) in search, or promoting a product or service via email campaigns, Pay-Per-Click PPC campaigns, and so on. Landing pages collect the visitor’s information in exchange for a download, eBook, freebies, free quote, consultation, coupons, discounts, etc.

Creating landing pages allows a business to target a very specific audience, with very specific incentives. Offering the desired target audience something of value on a specific page, converts a higher percentage of visitors into leads. In addition, valuable tracking and statistics can be gathered.

Here’s another reason they are so effective. There’s a single goal (e.g. get people to opt in), and everything that is not directly related to people taking that action (like the navigation menu) is removed in order to minimize any distractions.

Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%.

So many resources are devoted to online advertising and marketing by companies, totaling billions annually. If all of these resources and money saw an increased level of return as described above, marketers and companies would be making significantly more from their annual budgets.

Landing pages are a focused and customized sales pitch, specifically designed to get a company’s website visitor to take an action. Businesses that generate lots of leads often have dozens of landing pages for specific services, offers, specials, and any other relevant reason. Smaller and start-up ventures may not need dozens of landing pages, but should have several to increase their ability to generate and collect leads online.

One of the best ways to create properly and results oriented landing pages is through working with professionals with enough experience. Marketers and well experienced website developers can create specific landing pages for any type of business and industry to increase the ability to generate leads.


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