The Truth Regarding Effective Skin Care SEO

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making Web pages more relevant and authoritative so they will rank higher in search engine results for related queries. There are plenty of people who claim to be SEO “experts” and many say that SEO is a well-kept secret that only they understand. Skin care entrepreneurs turn to them unknowingly instead of using an experienced consultant. The truth is that it is not difficult to implement skin care SEO if you understand the basic principles.

The first myth to dispel is that SEO is mainly about including selected keywords on Web pages. Stuffing keywords into the keywords tag field or page content can actually harm site rankings because search engine algorithms have become wise to these tactics. Most SEO factors relate to external links to the site.

Another common myth is that a page one ranking for a keyword search should be the goal. Research shows that only the top five organic listings on search results receive most of the traffic. Internet users typically only venture further down the list when they do not find what they want in the top five, which rarely happens. So, adjust SEO goals to reflect a top five target position.

Though there is plenty of terminology and much insider information regarding SEO, this content is available via videos, books, and blogs. Reading it may provide some clarification but implementation is required to fully understand which SEO methods work. Search engines algorithms have put the keyword density debate to rest for good. Do not overstuff meta tags and page content with keywords. Instead, include important keywords in title tags, headline tags, image alt tags, meta descriptions, and use them naturally throughout page content.

After optimizing the site from an internal perspective, focus on obtaining links from other respected sites. Search engine algorithms place heavy weight on the quality and quantity of links pointing into the site and the text contained in those links. If possible, modify the keyword list to include a local focus because the playing field will be less competitive.

Keyword research is essential for good skin care SEO so take it seriously. Get help from an expert who will use keyword tools to find non-geographic phrases and add the city or region when performing on-page SEO. Searchers who use geographically modified keyword phrases are more likely to be potential customers than are people looking for basic skin care information.

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