Tiny Budget Business Help Through Content Marketing

Tiny Budget Business Help Through Content Marketing
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Businesses who would like to get ahead and increase their chances at success should carefully consider content marketing campaigns. This is especially true for start-up companies and small businesses. Any organization with a tiny budget that wants to help their business should utilize content marketing to reap the benefits. Get business help through content marketing.

Content marketing comes with a vast amount of benefits for any size company and type of industry. Content marketing can help blue collar businesses as much as white color. From contractors, to material suppliers, from tech start-up, to beauty brands, all types of companies can significantly benefit from having a properly executed content marketing campaign.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation, publication, and distribution of content branded by the creator for advertising and marketing purposes. Content is considered anything from articles, press releases, images such as Infographics, and videos. The creation of such content, publication of it, and distribution such as through social media is content marketing.

The Benefits of Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing has become one of the most powerful tools available for doing business and connecting with consumers of all sorts across all kinds of industries. The top approaches with content marketing are still social media, articles, press releases, newsletters, blogs, branded images and videos. Content marketing is considered so important that up to 75% of businesses rely on branded content for marketing and promoting the business. Here are the reasons why.

Content Marketing Generates More Inbound Website Traffic

Providing relevant information to a target audience is the main reason content marketing generates so much inbound traffic. Custom content is favored by over 65% of consumers. Content that caters to the need of the consumer is highly effective. The more a business small and large have pages of custom content on their website, the more inbound website traffic a business will receive.

Content Marketing Increases Audiences Engagement

Content marketing can quickly increase the engagement from a desired target audience. Blog articles can be commented on, while newsletters are being signed up for, likes generated on Facebook, and interaction on other social media platforms. Content marketing invigorates the interaction between the audience and the producer of the content, you the business. For example, the simply act of enhancing a blog article with an appropriate image and/or video can increase total viewership by up to 95%.

Content Marketing Generates More Leads

Through effective content marketing campaigns, a business can generate more leads. How much more? Over 50% of more leads are generated when marketing campaigns are utilized. Over 90% of companies in the B2B category use content marketing campaigns. Companies that have blogs on their website and use them properly generate 97% more leads than other companies without content-rich websites or business blogs.

Content Marketing Increases Sales

Companies that sell products or solutions see a strong increase in sales due to content marketing. Companies such as Zappos have seen a 30% increase in sales because of content marketing campaigns. Many companies already benefit from their business blogs and using videos and images on them and social media. The better customers understand a brand, the more likely they will do business with that brand. Content marketing accomplishes this amongst many other things.

Content Marketing Improves Brand Awareness

Content created, published, and distributed increases and improves brand awareness. Especially uniquely created, published, and properly distributed content. Brand awareness influences purchasing decisions and for any size of business, quality content results in greater authority and brand awareness of the brand.

Content Marketing Generates Natural Link Popularity

Websites that are content rich and properly utilize their company blog can generate over 95% more leads, than other companies without a business blog and content rich websites. Content marketing generates natural link popularity, which increases SEO results and rankings in search engines.

Content Marketing Is Much More Cost Effective

Compared to just about any other form of marketing, digital or otherwise, content marketing can prove to be more cost effective in delivering real results. Content marketing is more cost effective as a marketing tool than traditional marketing by as much as 65% (less cost). Even business start-ups and small companies with tiny budgets can get business help through content marketing campaigns.



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