Tips For Creating Effective Call To Action (CTA)

Tips For Creating Effective Call To Action (CTA)
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If anybody does not know what a CTA or “Call to Action” is, it is a button or link that a website can have to drive prospective customers (website visitors) to become leads by filling out a short form on the landing page of a website.

A CTA often offers a more valued offer than the landing page provides to the potential customer. This motivates the website visitor to become a lead by filling out the form and submitting their information.

The CTA tends to use wording that attracts attention from prospects and site visitors, such as: Download Free, Get a Free Consultation, Start Free Trial, and so on. Graphically, CTAs tend to really stick out by using contrasting colors to make the CTA area stand out/pop out.

Tips and Best Practices for Call to Action Design

– Create CTAs that visually standout through color, shape, and offer.

– Use only a few words. Fewer words is better for conversion.

– Strategically position the CTA to be easy to find across all site pages.

– Create the CTA to be large enough to be seen easily by all website visitors.

– Use contrasting color always for CTAs but make it match the website.

– Use action-oriented verbs such as Buy, Download, Register, etc.

– Test CTAs for effectiveness and adjust to increase conversion rates.

– Use compelling incentives that prospects would be interested in.

Location Location Location

CTAs created to generate leads must be placed throughout the website strategically to be exposed to new website visitors such as the home page, blog pages, and certain key landing pages. Social sharing should be made easily possible around all CTAs and landing pages that they are on.

Completing the Sales Cycle

With e-commerce it is easy. The CTA motivates the customer or site visitor to purchase an item because of the incentive given. With other websites that sell services for example, there are a couple extra steps involved. After the success of the CTA, a business would receive the potential customers contact information.

To convert the prospect into a customer, a business must nurture the prospect (lead) to have any hope of converting the lead into a customer. The sales cycle can range from a week to a couple months, depending on services and solutions offered.

A business that wants to increase the leads they receive from their website, can always partner up with professionals to get experts involved for best results. An experienced team can improve the CTAs and properly created them throughout a website for best results. Creating effective call to action for any type of business is possible.

CTA (Call to Action) Example:

Effective Call To Action

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