Top 10 Image Sharing Websites For Online Marketing Campaigns

Top 10 Image Sharing Websites For Online Marketing Campaigns
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As brands and companies invest in online marketing campaigns, images play a large role in overall marketing strategies. It is an essential tool. In most marketing campaigns, image sharing websites are used by marketers and companies to publish and distribute images and photos.

To increase effectiveness and increase chances of success, a business can use these top 10 images sharing websites for online marketing campaigns. These websites will support social media marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, content marketing, and other forms of marketing and advertising methods.

Top 10 Image Sharing Websites

1.    instagram
3.    imgur
4.    tumblr
5.    flickr
6.    photobucket
7.    weheartit
8.    imageshack
9.    deviantart

All of these photo-sharing websites are predominantly free (some have premium services at a cost), but they slightly vary in usability, functionality, and features. Also, they vary in how much traffic they generate and therefore market share.

For marketing and advertising purposes, these websites have many advantages and benefits to gain online visibility and search rankings with online campaigns. So, how does one go about using image-sharing websites to promote, market, and advertise a brand and products, services, or solutions? What is shared on these websites in form of images and how does it benefit brands and companies?

What Type of Images are Shared

For marketing and advertising campaigns, companies and brands share variety types of images. In addition, there are multiple purposes for sharing the different types of images and brands benefit in various ways as well. Organizations tend to share similar images to promote, market, and advertise themselves. Here below are the most common images shared on image sharing websites.

– Company logos
– Products
– Project Images
– Property Photos
Portfolio Shots
– Photos of People
– Blog Images
– Icons
– Quotes with Images
– Infographics
– Event Photos
– Custom Graphics

These are some of the more popular types of images and photographs shared across all the different image-sharing websites. These images are uploaded, descriptions are created with keywords and the content is published. As it is published across these many channels, companies grow their footprint and exposure. These websites can add thousands of viewers and views of images to a brand’s campaign.

Advantages and Benefits of Image Sharing Websites

The creation, publishing, and distribution of images on the Internet comes with a vast amount of benefits to a company and organization. Images are one of 4 types of content currently used online. Text is one form, video another, audio, and images. Images are critical to create in many forms to market and advertise online. Content marketing is the fastest growing marketing method and strategy online. It is also one of the most effective methods to gain online visibility and market share.

– Gain overall visibility online
– Supports Search Engine Optimization
– Supports Social Media Marketing
– Form of Content Marketing
– Increase Branding
– Improve Public Relations
– Create Awareness

These are just some of the advantages and benefits of sharing websites, but there are many more. Companies and image sharing networks consistently find more ways of utilizing and benefiting from sharing images.

Organizations and businesses have to first open accounts with these image sharing websites, create a quality profile, upload ALL images relevant to the brand, describe them properly, enter keywords (tags, keywords, category…), and any other required information to publish the images. This for best results should be done on a frequent basis.

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