Top 2017 Online Marketing Trends

Top 2017 Online Marketing Trends
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Online success has much to do with visibility. This will not change much in the future. Being visible remains an important aspect of online success. So, how does a company gain the proper visibility? How does it gain the benefits of this visibility? Here are some of the top 2017 online marketing trends. These can help a company gain the desired momentum in 2017.

Video Content

This certainly is not news. Yet, in 2017 many companies and retailers will feel the effects of video. Websites that lack videos will not be as competitive as sites with video content. Their performance online will start showing it. Videos can be used in so many ways. It is the future of online communication and a critical aspect of online marketing. Video production and marketing will drastically increase in 2017.

Personalized Communication

Consumers respond to personalization. This trend is not going to slow down. Bigger retailers have already started to personalize most of their communication, incentives, offers, and shopping experiences. Personalized communication is going to continue to be the trend in 2017. Companies should carefully tailor their approach to get better results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not new either, but it will drastically continue to grow in 2017. Some of these reasons are that many social media networks are also becoming shopping channels. Facebook for example already offers stores incorporated into the business pages. Now, consumers do not need to leave the social media channel to make a purchase. This will continue to drive the importance of social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Another online marketing tactic that remains relevant. Search Engine Optimization, also known, as SEO remains still very relevant in 2017. SEO just delivers a high ROI, which is hard to beat. SEO allows companies to get extremely qualified website traffic and potential business. Organic search engine optimization will continue to be a staple in most online marketing strategies.

Paid Advertising

Social media has given many retailers a great chance to improve ROI with paid advertising campaigns. Social media channels allow for great filtering and narrowing of desired target audiences. This gives companies much more control of budgets, spending, and results. In 2017, as social media networks expand their reach; they will become even more critical to companies.

Any business that wants to be better prepared in 2017, should work with professionals. Experts can quickly shed light to options, improvements, and better results. Company staff can also go to events, seminars, and work through consulting services to gain better results in 2017.

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