Top Internet Business Consulting Firms Focusing On Video For 2013

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shooting a videoIf the growth trend that began last year is any indication, 2013 may be the year of online video. The best Internet business consulting firms identified this early and have added online video marketing to their list of services. In industries like skin care, where everything is based on appearances, video can be a game-changer. Entrepreneurs should educate themselves about online video trends and follow tips from experienced consultants.

According to eMarketer, more than 73 million consumers will watch a mobile video this year. This figure represents a 20 percent increase from the 2012 statistic and indicates the importance of making videos smartphone and tablet-friendly. Marketers should make graphics, text, and images slightly larger to compensate for the small screen size. Videos should be short and able to be shared by mobile users.

Web visitors spend an average of three minutes on Web pages containing videos and only an average of one minute and 30 seconds on pages without videos. The majority of top executives say that they would prefer to watch a video than read text on Web pages. By replacing large blocks of text with videos, skin care entrepreneurs can tell their company and product stories without writing a word.

These days, consumers are educating themselves online prior to making purchases. Video is a powerful way to disseminate product facts, usage instructions, and other valuable information. Research shows that consumers who view a product video are between 64 and 85 percent more likely to purchase the item. By including a call to action within their product videos, marketers encourage consumers to take the next step by adding their name to an email list or making a purchase.

Many skin care marketers promote their products through email. Though email marketing remains effective, consumers want more than boring text content. By embedding a video in an email, marketers can increase their click-through rates by more than 96 percent. The video thumbnail should feature a play button so recipients can immediately view the multimedia presentation. Skin care entrepreneurs should brainstorm with Internet consultants regarding creative ways to incorporate videos into email marketing campaigns.

To be most effective, online videos must appear professional. Inexperienced skin care entrepreneurs may consider video creation a daunting task but fortunately, help is available. They can retain an Internet business consulting firm to design and create skin care product videos for website use. These videos will quickly become powerful marketing tools.

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