What Type Of Website Do I Need?

What Type Of Website Do I Need?
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In today’s digital world, any type of organization needs a website. The question is what type of website. Websites are not just online business cards anymore, but 24/7 sales, customer support, and much more. Websites have evolved into complex business solutions that can assist a business in many ways.

When starting a new business, a decision has to be made. That decision is what type of website to get for the business. There are many options and not all websites are the same. There are some drastic differences that entrepreneurs and organizations should learn about prior to making an investment.

Prior to starting or hiring a website design firm, a budget has to be allocated for the website project. To understand the differences and options, below is an overview with some details. What type of website to move forward with can be hopefully decided easier with this additional information.

Leased Vs. Open Source Websites

One of the first decisions to make is what type of platform to go with, in regards to website development. Leased solutions are managed websites by a third party, while open source are completely owned by the business (not directly managed). Many e-commerce websites for example can be managed. Solutions providers such as Shopify are well known. While, other open source solutions such as WordPress and WooCommerce are preferred by others for their open source. There are pros and cons with both. Know the differences to make a better decision for the business.

Website Design

This word is used much but in this case, we are talking about the design. The “look & feel” of the website as many have labeled it over the years. A business has a choice to make here. Buy a template, have a professional custom template made, or something different altogether. The design is a critical part of the website as much as the technology integrated. We judge a book by its cover. The design is the cover. A website must be properly designed to yield certain results. A business must understand this to be successful online.

Managing Websites

Another important aspect is the management of the website(s). Websites must be kept up-to-date technologically, in content, with offers, and features. Leased websites are more managed especially with technology, while open source websites are not directly managed. With open source websites, owners must hire someone to assist them with maintenance. Maintenance Agreements are common practice with professionals to assist clients with websites.

What type of website do I need?

This question can be answered by first determining the budgets available, as well as the requirements of the business. The business may dictate it’s website needs. Options will be available and a business will have to choose. If there is uncertainty, a business can always rely on experts through consulting services.

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