Use Facebook News Feed Change to Enhance Online Skin Care Marketing

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Facebook News FeedFacebook has redesigned its news feed and skin care entrepreneurs should take notice. Altering Facebook skin care marketing campaigns to take advantage of this change could be a lucrative move. As pictures become more prominent in Facebook news feeds, skin care businesses have enhanced opportunities to display their products to approximately one billion people.

The new news feed design is based on the belief that a larger image display will attract more online advertisers. In addition to the ability to view specialized news feeds from brands, games and music, friends, and public figures, Facebook users will be able to view photo-only feeds. The Facebook news feed will mimic the sections of a newspaper.

These changes will undoubtedly affect Facebook users, whether they view their accounts from a desktop computer or mobile device. Advertisers will also be affected by the change in very positive ways. The power of ad targeting will be combined with the ability to create ads that are richer and much more attractive than Facebook permitted in the past. Ads will no longer be relegated to the right side of the news feed page where users can easily ignore them. They will be front and center, offering enhanced ability for advertisers to visually connect with Facebook users.

Small businesses can benefit from this change in big ways. With ads being randomly inserted in news feeds, advertisers can improve the visibility of their small businesses. Small skin care companies can create ads to promote specific products or a product line that treats a particular skin condition. Their advertisements can now be more creative and engaging, which should enhance branding.

Facebook advertising is inexpensive and advertisers have an array of tracking analytics at their disposal. However, click-through rates from advertisements on Facebook have traditionally been low because it is difficult to obtain clicks on this platform. With the ability to create larger ads that appear in news feeds, advertisers can capture increased attention and get more clicks through to their websites.

Facebook advertisers will retain the ability to target specific users with their ads based on demographic information. This means that skin care marketing campaigns can focus on users within a specific city or ZIP code. Skin care businesses that operate locally can layer demographics such as age and gender, targeting specific residents of their communities. Take advantage of the recent Facebook news feed change to increase brand visibility online.

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