Use Skin Care Marketing To Harness The Latest Trends

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This past spring, more than 3,200 professionals in the skin care industry attended the Face & Body Midwest conference. At this three-day event, attendees networked and educated themselves about the latest skin care products. They also heard about the hottest topics in the industry. Skin care entrepreneurs who missed this event should read on to learn about the trends and how to harness their power through skin care marketing efforts.

Social media has taken center stage throughout the industry. Skin care entrepreneurs should use social networking to their benefit. They can begin by creating a strategy sheet for each social network and determining what to discuss online and how to measure success. Assigning one business representative to each social network keeps the tone consistent. Maintaining social networks involves a time commitment so the assigned individuals should have free time available.

Defining the culture of a business is a difficult but necessary task. Culture is an ongoing discussion topic and this year, spas are the focus. Spa owners position their businesses for growth through a strong culture and consistent branding efforts. They should determine a business goal and develop marketing campaigns that align with this goal.

Many skin care companies are hopping on the natural products trend and some are even going organic. Though companies may use the USDA Organic seal on their products, few offer USDA Certified Organic products. This presents an opportunity for a skin care business interested in entering this sector. Marketing certified organic products to consumers seeking these items should put a skin care company on the map. Advertisers should be honest with product claims so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.

Marketing efforts should be both informative and educational. Explaining ingredient benefits is one way to do this. Consumers want to know how skin care products will benefit them. To explain this through advertising, marketing staff must acquire knowledge of each product and what it does. When advertising, including reviews from dermatologists and other medical professionals makes a skin care product seem more credible.

Beauty treatments are coming out of the spa and into the home. Consumers are looking for affordable skin care products that deliver benefits like wrinkle reduction. By taking advantage of these and other trends when developing skin care marketing campaigns, a beauty company positions itself for success. Keeping abreast of industry developments and structuring marketing campaigns around them will keep customers returning for more.

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