Using A Wellness Angle When Marketing Beauty Products

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natural beauty productsConsumers are bombarded with ads for products that can make them look more beautiful. There are far fewer ads that promote these products as part of a general wellness routine. Taking this unique approach when marketing beauty products may prove very lucrative according to experts in the skin care industry. They note that the progressive combination of beauty and wellness is a major component of the future of the industry.

Manufacturers of beauty products are looking to nature for ingredients that provide solutions to common beauty issues including blemishes, wrinkles, and dryness. They create practical applications for ingredients based on knowledge obtained from nature. A consumer trend toward environmental consciousness, health, and wellness and the fast pace of technology enable ongoing innovation within the beauty products industry.

Nature provides both the ingredients and the processes for creating beauty products. Many brands are avoiding bad press regarding chemicals by sourcing ingredients from nature. When marketing their beauty products, these companies promote eco-friendliness and consumer wellness. Consumers are looking for benefits from beauty products so marketers must explain the function that each natural ingredient performs.

Biomimetics is an emerging field that uses nature to inspire technology. Since the beginning of time, civilizations have examined nature for answers to problems. Biomimcry studies the best ideas provided by nature and imitates the processes and designs to solve contemporary problems. Beauty product manufacturers use this process to create ingredients that are better or safer for consumers and are not environmentally harmful.

Manufacturers are also looking for natural ingredients that are more effective than those used in the past, such as natural substances that feature unique active chemical compounds. Special formulations combine plant extracts with active plant molecules to deliver better results. Encapsulation is another process that will be used increasingly in the coming year. It can improve penetration ability of skin care treatments and stabilize otherwise unstable compounds, making beauty products more effective.

Consumers are increasingly demanding natural products that perform at the same levels as chemical versions. They want aesthetics, function, and the natural experience. Expect more manufacturers and suppliers to incorporate wellness messages when marketing beauty products during the coming year. These companies are realizing that consumers want products that make them feel as great as they will look after regular use. The best consulting firms are already encouraging their skin care clients to expand natural product lines and include wellness in advertising messages.

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