Using Landing Pages During Skin Care Retail Print Marketing Campaigns

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For companies engaged in skin care retail sales, the Internet has widened the marketplace. Without much effort or expense, these businesses can promote their products to consumers around the world using the Internet. Landing pages designed by in-house marketing staff, an advertising agency, or a consultant are commonly used with print marketing campaigns. There are several ways to measure the success of a landing page.

A postcard, brochure, or flyer is typically distributed to direct consumers to the landing page. Google Analytics is a suitable tool to track page performance as part of the marketing campaign. Simply place a Google Analytics code on both the landing and product order pages and review the reports for these pages to observe the behavior of prospects.

Reports will reveal how many consumers scanned a QR code or used the URL provided in printed marketing collateral to get to the landing page. They will also indicate the average length of each landing page visit and how many people moved from the landing to the order page. Analytics can also be used to track the conversion rate of the marking campaign. This allows the business to identify the number of prospects who reached the landing page and took the desired action.

Three metrics are used to measure the success of this marketing campaign. Conversion rate, which is the number of unique landing page visitors divided by the number of sales transactions, is very important. A goal rate should be established that qualifies the campaign as a success. It should be based on the overall campaign goal, which might be obtaining qualified leads or making a sale.

The second metric is the abandonment rate for the landing page. This is calculated by subtracting the number of order page visitors from the number of unique visitors to the landing page and dividing this result by the total number of unique visitors. If the abandonment rate is high, the layout or design of the landing page may need to be changed.

Cost per sale is the final metric used to determine landing page success during a print marketing campaign. This is the cost of the campaign divided by the amount of sales. The company should determine a goal based on the value of each customer. If all three of the metrics described fall in the desired range, the skin care retail print marketing campaign is deemed a success.

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