Ways To Make A Website Better

Ways To Make A Website Better
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These days it is no longer about the bells and whistles with website design, but more about keeping the website accessible, secure, up-to-date, results-oriented, and simple. Part of website design is also choosing the proper technology applications to support the websites administration areas and added features.

To help companies and entrepreneurs, here are some ways to make a website better. Some are simple enough to execute quickly and start benefiting from a better performing website. This could mean additional leads, sales, and more.

Ways to Make a Website Better

Keep a website up-to-date.

Websites are not meant to become stale with information and content published on them. Websites should be updated frequently to keep customers and potential customers returning often. This is the reason why blogs are such a key tool for a business. For a better website, upload frequently new images, videos, and text as articles and page content to the website. This increases site traffic, search engine rankings, and potential customers.

Incorporate call to action.

Websites without call to action are just not as effective. To quickly improve a website incorporate call to action elements on the home page, landing pages, contact page and other critical areas of the website. Calls to action with incentives perform best. They should really standout graphically with strategic wording for best results. Call to action elements trigger the website visitor into action. This is key to increasing website performance.

Provide interactive features.

Website areas these days should be much more interactive. For example, blog pages should feature social media sharing functions as well as enabling commenting to start a dialog with site visitors. Other areas can be the portfolio or case studies pages. Companies should enable social sharing there as well and potentially commenting. Q&A pages can also be made more interactive in similar fashions. Websites that interact with the visitor perform often better.

Responsive Design is a must.

Mobile-friendly website design is not much of an option anymore. Yet, many websites still have outdated design and technology. Responsive Design means HTML5 and CSS3, which is mobile-friendly. In other words, it shows properly on devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers. Over 60% of people access the Internet via mobile devices, so companies and entrepreneurs should not miss out on over half of the potential audience.

Have a SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization is still the most effective method of marketing online. It yields the highest return on investment and comes with a wide variety of benefits. It is not always a short game, competitive markets take time. Yet, SEO remains a cornerstone of online marketing.

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