Web Marketing Consulting Experts Provide Tips for the New Year

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With only one month remaining in 2012, online entrepreneurs should be turning their attention to 2013. Many are resolving to improve business results but fewer have established a plan to achieve this. For those still trying to figure things out, web marketing consulting specialists have some advice that can be followed immediately.

Though Thanksgiving has passed, it is still the perfect time to acknowledge customers who have been loyal social media followers. Thank them by providing special offers they can use online during the month of January. This extends the holiday shopping season and gives them something to look forward to once New Year’s Eve ends. Establish personal relationships by thanking each customer who re-Tweets a post or includes the company name in a Facebook status update.

If online promotional efforts include a blog, make sure the content appeals to the target audience. For example, skin care businesses should blog about benefits of the products they offer. However, they can also provide general skin care and beauty tips plus ways to save money on household products aside from skin care items. Keep blog posts focused on the intended audience and what members want but also provide value-added information.

Look to prospects and customers when developing and marketing new products. Research what they want or need that the competition is not providing. Ask them questions about desired product features and benefits. While working on the new products, develop marketing messages that incorporate the feedback received. Answering customer questions and addressing needs illustrates  understanding and provides reasons to purchase what the company offers.

People may make initial purchases because they learn of the company and its products but they will continue purchasing because they get to know the people behind these. In the online environment, it can be more difficult to establish a personal relationship that face-to-face interaction yields. Online entrepreneurs can show their personal sides by telling the company story and revealing processes involved in making their products. Personal connection will pay off in big ways during the course of a year.

These are just a few online tips for the new year from web marketing consulting experts. Learn more by contacting Illumination Consulting for assistance with your 2013 online marketing strategy. A new year is the perfect time for big changes that will grow the business. Start January with a new web marketing plan and the positive results will flow until next December!

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