Wellness and Beauty…Perfect Together for a New Skin Care Business

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beauty and wellnessIt is hard to go more than an hour without seeing some type of beauty ad on TV. How is a new skin care company supposed to compete with such a saturation level of advertising? Just as in any business, skin care business owners need to look at the angles of the niche that are still flying under the radar. For skin care, this is the wellness approach.

Consumers today are more aware than ever about taking care of the environment as well us using products that are more natural. It is no secret that the beauty industry has used some questionable ingredients over the years to make blemishes and wrinkles go away. Today, a company that is using natural based products that are also “green” will be able to appeal to this new and very focused audience of skin care products.

Just as in the past, nature provides many of the ingredients needed to treat conditions such as sunburn, wrinkles, and skin blemishes. For a company just coming into the market that would like to focus their skin care advertising on these types of ingredients, it must provide adequate education to the consumer regarding both the beauty and wellness aspects of these ingredients.

The educational process can come via a variety of outlets. Firstly, the business owner should seriously consider incorporating a blog into their business website. This actually serves two purposes: education and SEO. While there is the obvious benefit of providing current information through the blog, the skin care business owner can also use the blog to help boost the site’s search engine visibility.

The next outlet to purse is social media. Opening up Facebook and Twitter accounts is the logical first step because of the popularity of these platforms, but they are not the only social media accounts to use. Sites like Pinterest have a significant female audience. There are additional sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit that have large audiences.

Finally, the business owner can actually save money on advertising by using platforms such as YouTube to make their own commercials. This is becoming a very popular social media outlet for all businesses because the videos are visible not only on YouTube, but they are also easily incorporated right into the website’s main pages or blog entries.

Customers like to know what they are getting and the skin care business that can provide the best information to the consumer will benefit. By using the wellness angle, the business can tap into a market where there is still plenty of room to grow. In addition, social media can be used as an outlet to not only advertise the product, but also to create a personal relationship with the consumer. Doing this will enable a new skin care company to compete with the more established companies in the market.

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