What Are Magento Websites?

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Magento is an ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large businesses. Leading brands throughout the world use Magento websites to sell their products to online target audiences. When a business hires a consultant to assist with website design or enhancement, the consultant may recommend adding an ecommerce component to the site and Magento may be among the recommended systems.

To compete online, businesses must pull out all the stops. Magento offers an enterprise edition product that addresses a range of business ecommerce needs including the ability to attract and retain additional customers and make it easy for these folks to purchase the products offered. Shopping experiences are personalized so site visitors remain engaged. The purchasing process is seamless and includes unrivaled customer service that results in higher conversion rates and customers who are more satisfied.

The key to success is a large number of loyal customers. Magento platforms include tools that encourage repeat business such as gift registries, private sales, customer rewards points, and wish lists. When businesses select the enterprise edition from Magento, they can customize the appearance, feel, and functionality of their online stores. As the business grows and staff needs change, the site can be refined and expanded.

This version of the Magento platform can help a business develop without sacrificing site security. The business can increase its volume, expand into new markets, or begin offering products in new countries without any worries. Performance and speed are optimized so customers do not experience any growing pains. A dedicated environment makes it possible to test new promotions, categories, and product information before taking these changes live. Approved changes can be instantly merged with existing site content or scheduled to be incorporated at a later time.

Magento even offers mobile commerce products that allow companies to create branded native storefront apps. These integrate seamlessly with the online store so customers can shop from their iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. Mobile products make the branding experience more cohesive, increasing the chance that the brand will be a winner.

Whether they are creating a website for a new venture or adding ecommerce capabilities to an existing site, entrepreneurs should learn more about Magento websites. Top consulting firms use this ecommerce platform with clients of all sizes and can offer valuable insight into its many benefits. Listen to what the experts have to say, read customer testimonials, and view other client results to determine if Magento is right for your business.

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