WordPress Websites Make Skin Care Ecommerce Possible

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Skin care business owners recognize the importance of a strong online presence. With a website, they can expand their audience from local to global without the overhead involved in creating physical storefronts. Even the smallest company can engage in skin care ecommerce with the help of professionals like those at Illumination Consulting.

The software application WordPress is an open source content management system, or CMS. Open sources means that the source code is available to the public, allowing anyone to use it for Website creation. A custom WordPress website gets a skin care company noticed online. Of the one million largest websites, more than 13 percent use WordPress. Many people use it as an application for blog publishing due to its user-friendly template system and attractive plug-in architecture.

When WordPress is correctly configured, it is one of the friendliest CMSs with search engines. The experts at Illumination Consulting custom build WordPress websites, allowing clients to manage content and edit their websites without the ongoing assistance of a professional. Clients maintain control of their sites, something they find very appealing because it allows them to change content on the fly.

The WordPress Web template system uses a template processor. Users do not need to edit HTML or PHP code to rearrange site widgets and they can install or change site themes as desired. Advanced customization is made possible by editing the code in these themes. Integrated link management, support for article and post tagging, and the ability to assign multiple nested categories to articles are other popular features.

With its expansive plugin architecture, WordPress allows developers and users to extend its functionality. Users can even access the application from a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone 7. Illumination Consulting professionals can help site owners establish their skin care ecommerce business but the entrepreneurs maintain ongoing control over site content.

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