Writing Newsletters That Sell Products

Writing Newsletters That Sell Products
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Newsletters are a key tool for businesses and e-commerce website owners. They can be a highly effective, when properly structured and executed. Writing newsletters that sell products is especially important to online retailers and e-commerce website owners.

When done right, writing newsletters that sell products will give a business a return far better than any other marketing strategy. To assist businesses, here are newsletter writing tips and resources.

Tips For Writing Newsletters That Sell Products

Collecting email addresses for Newsletters.

To start, a business needs to build a quality list of email addresses from people who have given permission to send them email newsletters. A company should collect email addresses in various ways. Promoting the “Newsletter Sign-Up” on all key website pages, social channels, trade shows, and paid ads. Businesses often offer freebies and certain giveaways to give website visitors incentives to sign-up for the newsletter.

Create relevant and valuable content for Newsletters.

To be successful with a newsletter, the content has to be very relevant and valuable to the recipient. Companies must learn what their target audience considers to be relevant. Surveys are a great method for that. Newsletter content that tends to work well is how-to guides, tips, topics that readers find interesting. A beauty company for example, may write about benefits of ingredients (that their products contain) used in skin care products, which consumers love to read about.

Have quality and the right design for Newsletters.

The template design and overall quality of the design is important, when writing to sell products. Certain industries expect a certain standard. Companies should do some research and than ensure to get a quality template created that can be populated with relevant and valuable content. The design of the template should incorporate all conversion tools necessary to effectively drive sales.

Write proper subject lines for Newsletters.

Subject lines for newsletters are critical for success. Consumers and someone that opens the email will have to be convinced first to do so. What tends to work best are subjects lines that ask a question, add urgency, state benefits, best practices, anything as long as ads value to the reader. Companies should not use the same subject lines over and over. Business should never write subject lines that are sales oriented. They are perceived as spam usually.

Choosing the right solutions provider for Newsletters.

There are many options for writing and sending email newsletters. As a business, you can’t just mail out newsletter emails through email solutions such as Outlook. Internet Service Providers ISPs and cable companies will have a problem with this. Companies have to decide on a solution based on what features they need and size of email list. There are number of good solutions out there such as MailChimp, MailPoet, Vertical Response, and others.

Managing properly the email database for Newsletters.

To have effective email campaigns, the email database and list must be properly managed. This includes removing emails from unsubscribed people, adding new email addresses, and keeping the master email list current every time a new newsletter goes out. This can also include managing multiple email lists such as VIP customers, new customers and sign-ups, existing customers, and so on.

Companies that want to ensure, they have the right setup to produce the desired results can always work with experts and professionals to get help. Marketing services and marketing consulting services can assist any size company with newsletter campaigns to increase online sales.

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