10 Best Free Methods to Increase Traffic To A Website

10 Best Free Methods to Increase Traffic To A Website
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When people and organizations look to increase traffic to a website, certain best methods are used across the majority of industries. Increasing traffic to a website is the critical element to building an audience, regardless of business, website or blog. Benefits of increasing traffic to websites are an increase in visibility, rankings, and sales.

Companies and individuals, who wish to increase their website traffic for free, can follow a multitude of methods. Free methods means, it can be executed without contracting the work out to a third party. Here are the 10 best methods and ways to increase and drive traffic to any website. Following these steps daily, weekly, and monthly will drastically increase traffic to a website.

10 Best Free Methods to Increase Traffic to a Website

1. Write Articles (to publish on other websites)

Companies and individual can write lots of articles and get them as guests published on other websites. Organizations can also write or get articles written to publish through article publication websites. Many of these sites also distribute online articles published. Writing articles is a great method to increase traffic. It benefits in multiple ways users.

2. Write Blog Articles

Similar to writing articles for publication and as guest writers, blog articles are published and distributed. Blog article tend to be more frequently written and published. Unlike articles written for publication on other websites, blog articles are only written for the business site. Unique quality content that is relevant should be published on the company blog.

3. Commenting (blogs, forums, other sites)

To market a website and increase traffic, someone has to actively work on it. One simply method is commenting. Commenting is the art of finding other websites that are very relevant to once own industry, and comment on those with links to personal websites. This is done on many types of websites. Basically any that allow it, such as blogs, forums, social networks, image, and video sharing websites.

4. Bookmarking

Social bookmarking benefits news publishers, websites, blogs, and any other type of site. Social bookmarking can introduce websites to others with relevant tastes. It can drive traffic to sites, and valuable back-links supporting marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization. There are many social bookmarking websites, companies and entrepreneurs can use to increase website traffic. Over 150 sites exist and growing just for social bookmarking.

5. Publish Press Releases

A method used in Search Engine Optimization and PR is the writing, publication, and distribution of Press Releases. To increase traffic for any type of website, press releases can be written and published on PR and some article publication websites. Press Release publication and distribution websites help sites that want to grow in traffic.

6. Optimize Website Pages

Too often companies and entrepreneurs want websites to perform a certain way, but do not invest into optimizing them properly. Each page of a website should be uniquely and relevantly optimized with title tags, keywords, and meta description. In addition, text and image(s) should be relevant and keyword optimized for best performance.

7. Advertise on Free Ad Sites

There are several free local, regional, and US or worldwide Free websites for ads. Craigslist of course is the most popular and known site. These free websites give free exposure, back links, and additional traffic. Sites such as Ebay can drive lots of traffic to a website.

8. Use Giveaways on Website

To have best chances at converting a website visitor into lead, shopper, and customer, a website should use giveaways on their site. Giving away something for free in exchange of someone filling out a form online drives traffic. It adds value to existing traffic and increases the ROI on all future traffic gains of a website. Getting the website visitors information in exchange of something given away for free.

9. Social Media Marketing

Many people spend much time on social media channels these days. From Facebook, to Pinterest, and Twitter, companies and individuals create, publish, and distribute content on social platforms. Sites gain visibility and traffic from them.

10. Use Images and Videos

One of the fastest growing methods to increase traffic online for websites is through the use of images and videos. The creation, uploading and sharing of images and videos creates traffic for websites. With each image and video optimized for search, websites can increase qualified traffic to their websites.

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