10 Christmas Marketing Tips For Improving E-Commerce Sales

10 Christmas Marketing Tips For Improving E-Commerce Sales
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Christmas season is approaching and retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. For most traditional and online retailers, Christmas is one of the most important shopping holidays. Some retailers can generate almost half of their annual sales during the Christmas season.

Retailers that operate e-commerce websites look to improve e-commerce sales during the Christmas season. Multiple marketing approaches are necessary these days to reach consumers. E-commerce websites that have Search Engine Optimization campaigns, Social media marketing, paid advertising, and other forms tend to perform best.

10 Christmas Marketing Tips

1. Offer Free Delivery

Retailers that offer free delivery during the Christmas season overcome one of the biggest obstacles by consumers, while giving them an incentive to buy. Even though a Free Delivery offer cuts into profits, it is well worth it during Christmas to improve sales.

2. Have Return Policies Displayed

For improved online sales, websites should have Return Policies and Guarantees well displayed throughout the entire website. Especially, they should be on shopping pages and during checkout visible.

3. Create a Festive Web Design Theme

During the Christmas season, changing a website design can positively effect the performance of the website. It can also improve sales conversion. Websites should go through minor changes, adding a festive web design theme.

4. Launch Christmas Landing Page

E-commerce websites should create special landing pages for Christmas, offering special deals. Landing pages can be separately measured, optimized, and created to give customers and consumers special deals for Christmas.

5. Offer Gift Wrapping Options

People are busy around the Christmas holidays. Gift-wrapping is a very nice option and feature that consumers love to have as an option. Retailers can offer gift-wrapping options to increase sales conversion.

6. Multiple Payment Options

To give consumers the most convenience, retailers should offer multiple payment options. PayPal, Visa, MC, American Express, and other systems can be offered to consumers when shopping online.

7. Create Bundled Deals and Packages

To increase unit sales and give consumers incentives, retailers can offer packaged deals and bundled items. Consumers love to receive a discount when purchasing bundled products, while retailers receive multiple sales per customer.

8. Use Paid Ads on Social Media

Social media is a great place to gain exposure to specific niche target audiences. Retailers can with paid advertising methods create ads and publish them to very specific demographics.

9. Make Video Ads and Publish

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing methods and during Christmas, a very effective marketing method. Video ads can be used on social media channels, blogs, and specific niche websites.

10. Work with Christmas Bloggers

Bloggers can have a tremendous amount of members and followers on their channels. When advertising for specific items, working with bloggers can be very advantageous and drive sales. Advertise on popular niche specific blogs.

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