10 Effective Shoestring Budget Marketing Tactics

10 Effective Shoestring Budget Marketing Tactics
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How effective can a company be with marketing on a shoestring budget? The answer is very effective. Start-up companies and established organizations can effectively deploy marketing and advertising campaigns on a shoestring budget. There are many tactics and methods that can be done at no cost or minimal fees.

These days, most businesses have heard of the marketing buzz words such as Social Media, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and other. What is it exactly that a business can do themselves to be effective with marketing or spend a little money but get a large return on investment? Here are 10 effective shoestring budget marketing tactics that will provide results for any size company.

10 Effective Shoestring Budget Marketing Tactics

1. Publish Quality Content

It is really simple publish quality and unique content. Companies that publish frequently quality and unique content that is relevant to their business will certainly see strong and effective results. Publishing such content via a company blog, press releases, and industry articles, increases website traffic, search engine rankings, and chances of customers.

2. Create and Distribute Videos

Videos are part of content marketing and highly effective. Videos are also the fastest growing marketing method. Proven to improve results, videos can be inexpensively created and used across multiple channels and multiple times. Videos are a smart investment for companies, when properly created.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is often overlooked, especially since we get lots of spam these days, but it is still a very effective marketing method. Email marketing can target customer databases, purchased leads, or specific targets. it is free and widely accepted. E-commerce websites for example can greatly increase sales through email marketing campaigns.

4. Work Through Associations

Working smarter not harder would explain working through associations. Often, a business can reach a much larger target market when working through industry specific association. A flooring business can join an Interior Design and Architect Association and reach thousands of potential customers at once for example.

5. Form Industry Partnerships

One way to market a business is through the formation of industry partnerships. A marketing company may partner with a website development firm to gain customers and provide valuable services to the website developer. Industry partnerships can cross-market partners and see results quickly.

6. Use Quality Graphic Design

Marketing starts with the logo, business card, website, and so on. There are multiple marketing tools that all can influence a potential customer and contribute to brand awareness. Companies that use quality graphic design have better chances at success and tend to see better results.

7. Deploy Guerilla Tactics

Many have heard the term Guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing tactics are methods that emphasize creativity over budget size. These tactics are usually cheaper to deploy and manage. Guerilla tactics can get very creative such as boardwalk chalk ads, stickers, street art, and so on. There is lots of information on Guerilla marketing tactics.

8. Donate and Volunteer

A business can gain valuable contacts when giving back through donating opportunities and volunteering. As a business, working with other companies in a volunteering environment opens up opportunity for great networking. Marketing opportunities are often part of working with the non-profit sector and organizations.

9. Freebies Work Greatly

Freebies work greatly. For anybody out there who still does not know what “Freebies” are, it is simply something that a company gives away. Usually, it is something that a company gives away in exchange of some information of the website visitor such as a name and email address in exchange for a free download, eBook, Guides, Tips, and so on. There are many items companies give away in exchange of gaining a lead or potential customer.

10. Publish Reviews and Testimonials

What your customers say about you is one of the best tactics of marketing, if used correctly. A business that wants cost effective marketing with results should publish customer testimonials, product reviews, and case studies. Literally free marketing, but highly effective.

There are many more marketing tips, tactics, and methods that a business can deploy on a shoestring budget. These 10 are some of the most common marketing tactics used. For best results, a business can always take advantage of marketing consulting services. This enables a business to gain valuable expertise and insights before spending any significant amount of money.

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