10 Free Methods To Market A New Business

10 Free Methods To Market A New Business
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There are many free methods to market a new business and website. Most new businesses and websites should be marketed to gain momentum and visibility online. Smaller companies and new start-ups tend to have limited budgets, but online marketing does not have to be expansive.

A small or start-up company, without the need to hire professionals, can perform many online marketing techniques for free. These marketing methods can be executed without prior knowledge of marketing. They require a time investment, but not a credit card and budget.

Here is a list of 10 free methods to market a new business that entrepreneurs can start doing right away to increase website traffic, search rankings, and potential sales for profitability. Any type of business can deploy these methods to market a new website and business.

10 Free Methods to Market a New Business

1. Use Social Media to Market

Social media is a very effective method to reach desired audiences and customers for small and new businesses. Social media accounts should be created with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and Google+ for example. These are some of the main channels, but many more are available to market a website and business. Accounts can be created, profiles setup, and content shared about the business and related topics. This can increase website traffic; gain the necessary exposure for products and services.

2. Setup Local Business Listings with Search Engines

This is an overlooked method to market a website, but an important step to gain visibility in major search engines and it is free. A new business can claim, verify, and setup local business listings with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google local business listings can quickly give a company the necessary listing in Google.

3. Write Press Releases and Publish

Press releases are still a great method to gain exposure online for a business and website. Writing press releases frequently and publishing them on press release distribution websites can increase website traffic, get attention, and exposure for a new business. Many press release distribution websites are free to use, which allow a business to publish their press release and distribute it online.

4. Create a Blog and Start Writing Blog Articles

A blog is not a tool that should be overlooked by most business types. It is a powerful method to market any size company and business. Blogging can be a fast method to increase a websites visibility online. Articles can be written daily about relative topics to the business to promote services, products, and solutions. A well maintained blog can very quickly improve a websites search rankings and traffic.

5. Use Images for Marketing the Business

Image marketing is an effective method to gain exposure online through image sharing websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare, and Flickr for example. Create images, Infographics, quotes, and other types branded by the URL of the business and name. These images then can be uploaded to the channels, described with keywords, and published. Images are a powerful method to gain visibility online. Google ranks images higher than search results. They can be also used on most social media channels.

6. Create Videos For Marketing

Videos are the fastest growing marketing method online and one of the most effective. Videos do not need to be always produced professionally. There are several free tools online and websites that let people create powerful and effective videos. for marketing. Videos can be published and distributed on many video submission and sharing websites. YouTube is the largest channel and platform for videos. Videos similar to images tend to be ranked higher in search engines than search results.

7. Start Commenting Online

This is a very overlooked method to market a business online. Professional marketers use this method in Search Engine Optimization campaigns and other forms of marketing. It is simple and free to do and it comes with a host of benefits for a new business and website. Commenting refers to the act of finding websites that discuss a topic related to the business and its services and products. An individual can sign-up and create an account with these websites to leave comments on other peoples articles. Offering quality opinions and well thought out conversion comments can quickly draw the attention of the masses. This is true especially when these websites are Forbes, CNBC, and other popular heavy trafficked websites. Do not spam, but leave quality comments related to the new business.

8. Offer Specials, Discounts, and Deals

A business has always used promotions to give incentives to the audience to become customers. This is also true online and a new or small business should give incentives through their website and online channels such as social media to get people to try their services, products, and solutions. Incentives offered through specials, discounts, and deals can help conversion rates and get the desired target market to give it a try. Promotions can be seasonal such as all the major shopping holidays, or simply a discounted rate as a deal. Give the consumer a reason to become a customer.

9. Become an Expert through Guest Writing

Many websites especially online magazines allow for guest writing opportunities. What this means is that a popular magazine websites publish articles written by guest writers. This can expose a newer or small business to the masses very quickly because it has the name and contact information (website URL, phone number and address) listed with the article published. Many websites that have lots of online traffic and are “Authority Websites” allow guest posts by other writers. In exchange the contact information is displayed with the article to promote the writers business.

10. Optimize the Website of the Business

What is optimizing a website? It means that the home page and all other important pages if not all of them are optimized for search engines. This can be done professionally, but also by anyone who takes their time to learn it. There are many tools online (free) that help with optimizing website pages. This includes creating unique and relative title tags, descriptions, and keywords for each page. This helps search engines identify what the website is about and rank it for the desired keywords.

These are 10 methods to market a new business for free or any business, even existing ventures that want to improve their online visibility and website traffic. An entrepreneur and business can always work with professionals and contract marketing services and campaigns out to vendors, but it is not necessary. A business can also work with an expert to learn through consulting services. Once the knowledge is gained, a new business or existing one can quickly put the newly acquired knowledge to work. Consultants are a great way to increase effectiveness and avoid costly mistakes.

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